How Long Is Grad School (And Why)?

How Long Is Grad School (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1.5 years to 2 years

Full-time students require 1.5 to 2 years to finish a master’s degree. However, there are a number of factors that can affect the time it takes from enrolment to graduation.

Generally, the time taken to complete grad school depends completely on the program type chosen by a student. But it will not end before eight months time span.

How Long Is Grad School

How Long Is Grad School?

A master’s degree can lead to more advanced career options. The amount of time required is determined by a variety of criteria, including the student’s past coursework, school, program, and field of study. With an average of 32-36 credits, most students can complete their grad school within one to three years of time span.

The program curriculum is one of the most important variables in deciding how long a degree will take. Credit hours are used by most colleges to determine how many credits you’ll get from a course. This is determined by the amount of time a student spends in class each week throughout the semester.

Students choose accelerated programs with the purpose in mind to complete their course in a shorter period of time. They have strict requirements, a heavy course load, and a limited number of courses to choose from. Some other requirements put forward by these students are to obtain some relevant professional experience. You can also try to take on too many credits in order to graduate sooner.

A bachelor’s degree is compulsory for every student who tries to join a master’s degree. Many graduate schools, on the other hand, accept applicants with a bachelor’s degree in a completely unrelated discipline.

In some institutions as part of their certification requirements, students have to do an internship. It is advised that a student should understand the complete requirements of these institutions before going ahead with the application processes.

In Summary:

Program TypeAmount of Time to Complete the Course
 (MEd or MSEd) Master of EducationTwo years
(MBA) Master of Business Administration2 years
(MSW) Master of Social Work2 years
Master of Engineering (MEng)Two years
Master of Health Administration (MHA)2-3 years

Why Does It Take This Long To Finish Grad School?

In the workplace, a master’s degree can be extremely beneficial. A master’s degree can boost a person’s confidence and earning potential a bit more in the workplace. Due to higher qualifications, a person with a master’s degree gets comparatively more work opportunities than others.

Students pursuing a master’s degree obtain high-level knowledge in a specialized subject of study while also honing their professional skills and competencies.

Master’s degrees are available in practically every field of study. Students can work while going to school if they’re part-time students, but it will take 1.5-2 times as long as if they were full-time students.

Dual-degree programs also take longer—while they are faster than obtaining each degree independently, they take longer than obtaining either of them separately.

Master’s degrees are available in practically every academic discipline, and each program is unique. Subject, school, and delivery methods can all have a significant impact on a graduate student’s experience.

A student owing a master’s degree exhibits special skills and knowledge in various fields of a certain academic subject. If you’re a part-time student or a dual-degree student, it’s possible that it will take you more than three years to complete a master’s program.

Students can choose accelerated master’s programs for fast completion in various master’s programs. These feature a lower credit hour requirement, a larger per-semester course load, and less elective freedom, but you can graduate sooner.


Many institutions offer combined bachelor’s/programs, master’s which allow students to complete both degrees while taking fewer credits overall.

Specific schools have their own requirements and ways of arranging a master’s degree’s academic schedule. So, even within a discipline, program length can vary by a year or more from school to school.

The normal range of credits of a master’s degree lies between thirty and sixty credit hours. The longer the program takes, the more credit hours are necessary.


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