How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 months (Approx.)

Butterfly Locs are a form of hairstyle. This hairstyle involves dividing the hair into different sections and knotting them to get a rope-like appearance. It is a form of bohemian hairstyle. These are known to be very similar to distressed and Faux Locs. This hairstyle is very much in trend these days. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it looks better messier. So, it does not need a perfectionist to do that.

This hair look is all about the curls and fuzziness. Although this is not a high-maintenance hairstyle it also needs a specific amount of care and effort. It is a popular hairstyle in various places such as America, Nigeria, and many more. The final look of this hairstyle is the rope-like appearance of different sections of hair.

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How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

The longevity of the butterfly Locs depends upon the amount of care one takes. In order to make them last for a longer period of time, scalp care is a must. Before making the butterfly Locs, it should be made sure that the hair is well cleaned and conditioned and has some amount of moisture in it.

There are different methods for installing the locs into the hair. Some of these methods include the wrap and braid method, and the crochet method. Any type of hair that is wavy can be used for braiding butterfly flocs. If one wants to make locs that aren’t longer than their natural hair, 6-8 packs of wavy hair are needed. If locs of length longer than the natural hair are the choice, hair fillers are needed. Although this hairstyle is fashionable and easy to make, it requires its own set of tips for care.

The main problem to overcome with this style of hair is the frizz, buildup, and flyaways. The only solution to this problem is regular cleaning (Shampoo) and maintaining moisturization of locs. It has been told by the experts that if one keeps proper maintenance and conditioning of the scalp the Locs may last up to one or two months. The following table shows the longevity of the butterfly locs:-

Type of maintenance Of The LocsLongevity
Unwashed locs4 weeks
Washed, deep conditioned locs2 months.

Why Do Butterfly Locs Last For This Long?

Just like other protective hairstyles, butterfly locs also need special care and attention. The routine of maintenance depends upon the age of the locs and the methods used to braid them. The factors that are responsible for the shorter duration of locs life are lack of moisture in hair, frizz, and mishandling.

Another factor that shortens the life span of butterfly locs is shampooing the hair very often. This causes the dreadlocks to open. Use of shampoo that has a creamy texture also damages the butterfly locs because of the buildup it causes. The buildup turns into gunk. That’s why clearing shampoos should be used.

Locs need moisturization. Without moisturization, the hair becomes dry and causes a lot of frizz and breakage. Hence, reduces the longevity of the locs. In order to prevent this, a good scalp oil should be used. Oil such as castor oil or coconut oil works just fine. Proper cleaning, washing, moisturizing, and care of the locs will help them stay for a longer period of time.


Butterfly locs are curly loops that are formed by twisting and braiding the hair in order to give them a rope-like appearance. This is one of the best and most sorted hairstyles to keep natural hair. It is believed that this is a high-maintenance hairstyle but it is not. With the butterfly locs, patience is the way to go.

To keep the dryness and buildup away is the key. Dry hair is brittle and is prone to breakage and damage. The only reason as to why locs will damage the hair is when they are brittle or if they are twisted very often. Twisting locs more will cause a lot of tension buildup on them. Figuring out the right products and routines will help in taking better care of the locs.


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