How Long Does A Person Spend In School (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 150-120 hours

Today, the world is developing in terms of technology. There is an emergence of competition and rat race throughout the world. Being educated is the key to winning the competition. The more knowledge a person has, the better opportunities come to their feet. The initial process of acquiring knowledge in various fields in a child starts from his/her schooling days. That’s why school is also compared to a temple. It is sacred and respectful.

School is that workshop where a child is polished every day to give a perfect shape to his/her mind and soul. On average, a person spends 105-120 waking hours in school by the age of 18.

How Long Does A Person Spend In School

How Long Does A Person Spend In School?

Minimum time150 hours
Maximum time200 hours

Children are not so keen about waking up every day at dawn and preparing themselves to go to school. The routine is not very fascinating for the children. But as soon as a child reaches the school premises and finds his/her friends over there, all the morning regrets vanish and everybody gets along with the flow. That’s how a school is. People cry tears of joy and bliss missing their time in school. All the time they have spent in the classrooms, roaming around in the corridors, messing the washroom mirror, breaking the window glasses with a six from the playground, pulling each other’s legs, sharing tiffins, and of course begging the monitor to erase the name from the blackboard.

So, no doubt approximately 13% to 15% of a child’s life is spent in schools before the age of 18. A school conducts different co-curricular activities along with studies so that a child can have an all-around development. An overall improvement makes a student get better with his/her life and fight the odds like a cakewalk. CCA activities bring out some unique talents in the students and occasional events also help in bringing out the hidden qualities of a student. The school is the perfect workshop for a student to learn and discover things.


It gives the best of memories to feel grateful about. A time spent in school is the time most remembered in life. You can spend a lot of time in school and still at the end, you will end up finding it less. It’s amazing.

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Why Does A Person Spend So Long In School?

School shapes the life of a student and inculcates many moral values in them. A child’s all-around development is given focus here. To make the purpose reach its destination, a school keeps everything in a proper algorithm. The time spent in school is divided into different categories so that a student has enough time to excel in all necessary fields. Even the subject order is kept in a specific order as per the psychology of a student. The administration department keeps in mind the beneficial factors that can improve the capabilities and thereby arranging everything in a certain way.

As per the facts and figures from various survey reports, students spend 13% to 15% of their life in classrooms before 18. This percentage of time is more precious than the rest 85% because students learn three times more in that 13% period as compared to the rest 87%. Schools also focus on making a child versatile so that the student can build the capacity to handle multiple hurdles at once. Sharpening the skills of all the students takes time, just like they say – “Rome was not built in a day.” So it is important to spend a significant amount of time in school before 18. This is necessary for a child’s process of development.


School is not just a building with multiple classrooms, it’s a lot more than that. It’s like a second home to the children. Mark the fact that before a child turns 18, half of his/her time goes to school and the other to home.

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Time spent in school is the most productive time a person spends in his/her life. People learn most of their early knowledge from school and also learn how to apply the knowledge when the situation arrives. Activities other than studies in the school help students see through themselves and find out the hidden qualities.

If students find the most appropriate way to utilize the 13% time in school, they can transform at high levels and reach heights that no one can even imagine. This is how a person spends time in school and how the school helps a person improve completely in all fields.


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