How Long Is Kodak In Jail For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: On Probation

Bill Kahan Kapri who goes by the famous stage name Kodak Black has been well-known to make headlines for not just his rapping but also for the number of crimes he has been arrested for. Kodak Black rose to fame in 2014 with his single “No Flocking.”

While he was gaining a lot of attention and popularity from the audience, he was also being arrested for a list of crimes ranging from drug possession to violating probation and many more.

He has evaded punishment several times but is believed to be on probation as of now. He was given a sentence of jail time for four years. However, like always he was able to evade jail time again.



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How Long Is Kodak In Jail For?

The criminal journey for Kadak Black started in the year 2015. In October of 2015, Kodak Black was arrested for multiple charges in Florida. He was arrested for kidnapping, assault, robbery, driving with a suspended license, and also for possession of drugs. However, he was released on bond later.

 A few months later in December 2015, Kodak Black again was arrested. This time he was arrested for the possession of drugs like marijuana and paraphernalia. But even this time, he did not receive substantial jail time or custody.

In April 2016, Kodak Black was again in the news as he was arrested for having Ammo that belonged to a convicted felon. With that, he was also found in the possession of drugs. While he was on the run from the police, he also violated several traffic laws.

After a month, Kodak Black was arrested on open warrants that he was charged in the year 2015. After the hearing that happened, he was detained and sentenced to house arrest and also was sentenced to five years of probation. In the same year, Kodak Black was also sentenced to 120 days of prison regarding the possession of drugs.

TimelineThe crimes for which Kodak Black is booked for
October 14, 2015Arrested for kidnapping and robbery
December 25, 2015Arrested for possession of Marijuana
April 16, 2016Arrested for the possession of a weapon of a convicted felon
May 18, 2016Arrested on open warrants
Aug 17, 2016Arrested on warrants
May 2017Sentenced for house arrest
January 2018Arrested for drug and weapon possession. Also, for child neglect
April 2018Sentenced to one year jail time for pending charges
May 2019Arrested for possession of weapons. Sentences to four years in prison

Why Is Kodak In Jail For This Long?

Kodak Black is a well-known name not only in the music industry but also for evading the police for multiple charges. He has been arrested several times since his first arrest in the year 2015. Since then, there have been many open and pending warrants under his name.

There are a few reasons why Kodak will be facing a probation time of 18 months. The reasons are as follows:

  • The primary reason is the multiple charges that he has been booked for. Some of the charges have been small, but some charges are quite serious. Even the small charges are repetitive like drug and weapon possession. He has been pulled over multiple times by the police for many charges.
  • Also, even when he was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment, he has been able to get out on probation. But he violated probation a few times. 
  • Even after being released several times just on bond, Kodak did not seem to stop. He is known to repeat a lot of his crimes time and again. The most recent was the drug possession charge in the year 2019. In this case, he has been sentenced to four years of prison time.
  • However, in January 2021, he was provided clemency by President Donald Trump. But when there was a hearing later on, due to his plea deal, he was released on the condition that he should publicly apologize and also adhere to the 18-month probation.


So far, Kodak Black has been able to avoid all the charges that have been levied upon him since the beginning. Even though Kodak Black is out of jail this time, it can be a possibility that another case might be in the cards soon.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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