How Long Is NFL Halftime (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 Minutes

When someone mentions the word game, there are about a hundred things that pop up in a person’s mind. Every game has its own rules. Without those rules, the games played will not have any sort of meaning and it will certainly be very hard to decide the winner. When one wants to take part in any sort of game, both indoor and outdoor, one should first understand the rules of the game. In every game, there are breaks, half times, quarter time, time outs, and many other rules that are entirely based on the time. Just like that, National Football League, NFL, also has some rules.

Many games are loved by people all around the world, but yet, football remains one of the best of them all. Just like every other game, before getting into NFL, one should know the rules. Some dedicate their lives to getting a chance to play in the NFL. AS a football player, one of the biggest obstacles is that to experience and enjoy the game fully, one should first understand and make clear the football rules. When one is a beginner, they should first try and understand the difficult and controversial rules of the game, which includes memorizing half times, time outs, and quarters.

According to NFL guidelines, it states that the half-time of the NFL is around 12 minutes. In association football and basketball, the halftime is 15 minutes.

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How Long Is NFL Halftime?

National Football League12 minutes
Association Football15 minutes
Basketball15 minutes

The first one should understand what is halftime. It is sort of the interval between the game, and though they might not have the circumstances as that of college football, it is the perfect time for people to go on a bathroom break and get food. For regular-season games, the halftime in NFL is around 12 minutes, and this duration was derived by reducing the 15 mission intermission that was followed strictly in the leagues, that took place before 1990. Yet, during a super bowl, there will be a thirty-minute break as halftime. Halftime is very crucial for both the players and the fans.

People watching the game live on television, the internet, or even in person will always want to know what the half time is. For all the regular seasons, the halftime is 12 minutes long, and it was cut down from 15 minutes due to reasons after 1990. Many things can happen during halftime. The reason the halftime was cut down from 15 minutes could be the limitless commercial interruptions and breaks. With quarters, breaks, and timeouts, the game could be of around 3 hours in length when broadcasted.

Why Is NFL Halftime That Long?

Yet in the Superbowl, the halftime is around half an hour, because sometimes even artists are invited to perform and keep the audience entertained. For example, in the latest season, popular artists, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed a halftime show at Har Rock Stadium in Miami, for about 65,000 fans during the thirty minutes halftime. Half-time is necessary for everybody in the stadium for different reasons. During this 15 minute halftime, the players can have a drink, get medical attention and relax.

For the coaches, it is a time to improvise if necessary, and talk to their players about the further strategies and notify them about any changes they should make, and encourage them. For the audience, while the coaches think and the players take a break, they can also take a quick break, grab a bite if they want and do anything without missing the game. Half times are similar to intervals provided during movies yet here, there are live players on the field.


The halftime can differ depending on the sports and leagues and many other factors. For NBA, the halftime is 15 minutes, while for NHL, there are two half times of about 17 minutes between the periods. For MLS, they provide 15 minutes halftime as well. Yet for NCAA basketball and football, the halftime is 20 minutes.

The team of 11 players, the other people who help in organizing and coordinating the game, the coaches, the audience, all can take a break from the nail-biting game for a while and chill, and after the game resumes, they can start cheering for their fantasy teams.


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