How Long After Retirement NFL Hall of Fame (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 5 years

The National Football League commonly known as NFL is one of the professional football leagues which consist of around 32 teams. It is more popular than other state leagues played in the United States. All the players and coaches always dream to enter the NFL Hall of Fame and receive a golden jacket at the ceremony after being retired.



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It is one of the highest names which can be earned in the NFL.  People may elect any player or coach according to their wish through an email or letter to the respective committee. The committee meets at the Super bowl annually to choose the candidates.

How Long After Retirement NFL Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame is one of the hectic and long processes which are designed to select only the deserved and best football player among thousands. Every game has its hall of fame, Major League Baseball is considered the toughest hall of fame to enter. Over thousands of men have played NFL to date but only a few have been inducted into the NFL hall of fame.

An NFL coach and player must meet the condition issued by the organization. They must be retired at least five years before the nomination date to be a part of the Hall of Fame, whereas in the case of contributors there is no retirement period required. Every candidate’s detailed description and eligibility will be transformed to the Selection Committee of the Hall of Fame. The Selection Committee would consist of 46 persons to decide the eligible candidate to enter the NFL hall of fame every year.

The candidate will be scrutinized very carefully and can enter into the hall of fame only if he receives 80 percent of the votes by the selection committee. At the first round of selection, candidates are usually reduced around 75 percent and selected candidates enter into the semifinals where further the candidates are reduced by 30 percent. Only 15 percent of the nominees will enter the final selection round.  There will not be any financial rewards after entering into the Hall Of Fame. The number of candidates entering the hall of fame every year is not fixed, but usually, 5 to 10 people are elected.

NFL Player5 years
NFL coach5 years
ContributorNo retirement period needed

Why Does It Take That Long to Enter NFL Hall of Fame After Retirement?

In various parts of the world, especially in North America, a committee has been working to select and honor the best players who have not taken part in any of the seasons for particular years. All major sports like NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB follow this practice. NFL Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio. People can elect any coach or player according to their wish. There are three categories to enter into the Hall of Fame, the NFL player, coach, and the contributor like executive or team owner itself. The selected NFL Hall of Famers will be honored with golden jackets which would be a token for their accomplishments and a gold ring of 14k.

It is required to verify that all the nominees should be retired at least for 5 years. The selection committee has to undergo the polling process three times before determining the finalist. Before the modern-era finalist, the senior candidates will be prioritized.

According to the policies of the NFL, the inducted coach or player will not receive any payment or stipend. But they may earn due to their popularity among the people and also there is a chance of endorsement depending on their HOF status. The Hall of Fame will always be open to the public during recommended hours. It is considered one of the favorite spots among the youth of various countries. It takes around 4 hours to visit the museum. You can visit the museum in your leisure time and it is self-guided.


The process included in selecting the best players is a tough process. Even the selection committee should consist of well-trained professionals or experts to choose the right person. In very rare cases, it takes almost a year to declare the results. The Hall of Famers is grouped into several teams.

You should be completely eligible and meet the required criteria to enter the hall of fame. As the results also depend on the votes of people, your talent should be exposed to the public in a better way. It requires a great amount of practice and dedication to receive the great honor. You should be the best among the best players.


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