How Long Is Outer Worlds (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 37 Hours

Outer World is a role-playing game that is action used and was developed in 2019. The game was initially published for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The game was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and was later made available for Nintendo Switch as well. The game can be played in a single-player mode and offers a variety of modes for people to choose from.

Outer Worlds is to be played in first-person perspective featuring a protagonist. The player has the liberty to create their character and unlock a ship. The ship is the central hub space of the game. The players don’t have the liberty to control the space directly but can use it for traveling to various locations quickly. The ship can also be used as a personal inventory space for the players.

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How Long Is Outer Worlds?

Mode of GameDuration of Game
Main Story13 Hours
Main and extras25 Hours
All Completion37 Hours

The duration of the game depends on the mode in which the game has been played. For a normal play the game take is completed within only 1 hour but as the modes of the game complex out the extras and everything can be played in 25 hours. All completionist’s games can be completed in 37 hours. These different modes can be explored from the menu option of the game menu. The players can also indulge in some extra competitions.

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Adding some extra moves will sum the time of the game to 25 hours. The players also have been liberty to encounter and recruit non-player characters for their missions and stories. These companions act as an aid in the combat. Companions come with special individual skills and attacks. The companions can also develop their skill specialization. The players can choose two companions to bring on the ship.

The players in outer worlds can choose various story options and decisions that influence the game directly. The players can respond to NCPs by acting according to their will and solving the issues heroically or morally. During wars, the game offers players multiple weapon options like light, heavy, and energy. These weapons can be further customized, adding damage to the opponent.

The players can use stealth, social skills to avoid wars. They gain experience points, add to the players as they grow through the game, giving them a chance to level up and unlock new skills. The players also have the liberty to choose in three particular categories: Science, medical, and engineering. Some tips like shrinking a ray while shrinking down an enemy can come in handy.

Why Is Outer Worlds This Long?

The Outer Worlds is this long because of the various modes it comes with. The modes also put a layout of the decisions the players make in the future. The setting is of the time when President William Mckinley is not assassinated at Pan-American Exposition. This has resulted in large business trusts being broken forming a hyper-corporate class-centric society.

The residents on Earth are encouraged to undertake the efforts to colonize the systems. Halcyon is a six-planet star system that requires the usage of advanced spacecraft with special kut and 10-year cryosleep for colonists. The two ships Groundbreaker and Hope were dispatched to colonize Halcyon. The Groundbreaker successfully colonized Terra 1 and Terra 2. Hope disappears mysteriously by slipping into myth among the Halcyon.

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The game comes with options that when the strander chooses to skip the hope, the game ends there and the ship is destroyed directly. In this option, everyone is abroad is killed. The second option is when the hope is skipped to the Terra 2, the Board appears and takes it. The stranger and crew land on Tartarus fighting their way through the prison. Similarly, there are many more options to go within the game.


The game Outer World comes with a variety of modes to choose from. The duration of each model depends on the total time of the game. The average time taken to complete the game is 13 hours but the time can be extended to 27 hours with all the extras. The player decides the mode in which people want to play. The other thing that can influence the game is the decisions the players take during different options.



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