How Long Is The Outer Worlds (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 35 To 45 Hours

The Outer Worlds is an action play video game released on October 25, 2019, for platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game was further developed and re-released on June 5, 2020, with an additional platform version, that was, Nintendo Switch.

The developer of this game is Obsidian Entertainment and the publisher is Private Division. Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are the creators of The Outer Worlds. The video game runs on the engine, Unreal Engine 4. 

How Long Is The Outer Worlds

How Long Is The Outer Worlds?

If you are someone excited, willing, and ready to not just finish the game, but enjoy it too by completing all the tasks, earning points and unlocking more achievements, and bringing the most out of the game, then it can take you anywhere from a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 70 hours.

It is so because the time of completing this game also depends on your experience level of playing video games. It is quite obvious that anyone who is experienced in playing video games would finish The Outer Worlds in less time as compared to someone who is playing a video game for the first time.

Generally, experienced video game players, or what we call veterans are likely to finish the game in 15 to 25 hours if they play the video game without giving heed to side things. However, if they fully play the game, then you can add 4 to 5 hours more to the count.

Moreover, if an intermediate experienced player is playing then it can be up to 25 to 40 hours to finish the game without working on side achievements.

Lastly, if the person playing The Outer Worlds is a beginner, or what is commonly said, a rookie, then it can take anywhere from 45 to 70 hours to finish the game.

Here’s a quick insight of how long it will take you to finish The Outer Worlds video game based upon your experience of playing video games:

Playing ExperienceTime
Veteran15 to 25 hours
Intermediate25 to 40 hours
Rookie45 to 70 hours

Why Is The Outer Worlds That Long?

The Outer Worlds is an engaging and interesting video game based on a story. If you follow the story bluntly and just focus on finishing the game, then it would take you around 15 to 30 hours to get done with this game.

However, The Outer Worlds video game is much more than just following the storyline and finishing it. The players are supposed to collect all side rewards by doing the assigned tasks, they have to visit multiple settlements, there are many trophies to be earned and achievements to be unlocked. Moreover, there are hundreds of weapons, costumes, and other such materials which the players can buy after earning points in the game and many more such things.

Thus, firstly, based upon how you want to play the game, and secondly, how experienced you are, these two are the time determining factors on how long The Outer Worlds is.

The reason behind why experienced, or veteran players can finish the game faster is because they have more knowledge and experience of playing video games. They know what the controls are, how a video game is supposed to be played, and what can be done to finish a game faster. Most importantly, they have a habit of doing as much advancement as possible in the game in one sitting only.

However, beginners have no such experience about playing a video game or the habit of finishing or doing the maximum in one sitting. Thus, it takes longer for rookies to finish The Outer Worlds game. 


The Outer Worlds is a single-player game with a first-person perspective. With a unique blend of action, silliness, and drama, the game stands out among all of its competitors with great rankings and positive reviews.

Destructoid publications and Easy Alloid publications rated this video game 9 points out of ten. Moreover, EGM publications gave 5 stars to The Outer Worlds video game. 

However, if you have already played and completed this game, then you can look for the sequel of this game, The Outer Worlds 2.



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