How Long Is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Hours

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure game that was released in 2019. The game was developed by FromSoftware and published by Activision. The game is based on Shinobi who is the Wolf and attempts to take revenge from the Samurai who has attacked ad kidnapped his lord. The game was first released fr Microsoft Windows, PlayStation4, and Xbox One, later it has been introduced to other platforms.

The game can be played in single-player mode ad focuses on stealth, exploration, and combat. The game also puts special emphasis on boss battles. The game fictionalizes Japan’s setup and is played during the Sengoku period with strong relativity to Buddhist, mythology, and philosophy. The game has been made intellectual with character specializations.

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How Long Is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice?

StorylineDuration of Game
Main story29 Hours
Mains and Extras42 Hours
All Styles45 Hours

The duration of the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice depends on which mode the game is played in. The average time taken to complete the game is 30 hours, but this time varies with different storylines. The game can take around 42 hours to complete fully with all the extras. The all styles mode can take up to 45 hours to complete. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is played in third-person perspective.

The game features role-playing elements and includes gear upgrading, a skill tree, and limited customization options. The game also comes with stealth powers and allows players to eliminate the enemies if they get in the range. The player can also use a variety of tools to assist with combat and exploration like a gapping hook. The revive on the spot option gives extra benefits by offering resurrection power instead of respawning at checkpoints.

The game follows the Sengoku period with a coup that tries to seize control of the land of Ashina. A nameless orphan is adopted in the game who has been trained in the ways of the Shinobi. The kingdom is about to collapse because of the aging of Isshin falling ill and the interior ministry. Genichiro is Isshin’s adoptive grandson and searches the immortal divine heir Kuro with the hope to use the Dragon heritage for creating a base of immortal army.

Wolf turns into a full-fledged shinobi and Kuro’s personal bodyguard fights him but unfortunately loses the duel and his left arm. Genichiro takes the boy away from him. Wolf still manages to survive and is brought to an abandoned temple to recuperate by the Sculptor. Ashina castle gets assaulted by the Wolf and gets forced to confront his memories from three years ago when he was raided by bandits.

Why is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice This Long?

The game Sekiro: shadows die twice takes this long because of different modes that need to be completed. The game comes with a large number of modes to choose and play the game from. If the player is using all the modes then that may take time for completing. The average time is 30 hours but with additional modes and challenges, the time can be extended.

Sekiro gets confronted by the Owl who was thought to be dead earlier. He was one of them who backstabbed Sekiro during the raid on Hirata. Owl reveals about seeking the Dragon Heritage and orders Sekiro to renounce his loyalty. The game then offers two decisions. If Sekiro sides with the owl, he is forced to fight Isshin’s doctor and Isshim himself. By defeating them Sekiro gets proceeded to the next level.

If Sekiro or the player chooses Kuro then, Sekiro fights and kills Owl. After his return, Sekiro discovers some revelations and the story takes a different path.


Sekiro: Shadows Die twice is a fun role-playing game that is played in single-player mode. The game takes up to 30 hours to complete fully. The duration of the completion depends on the mode in which the game is being played. With all the extras, the time gets extended. The story revolves around the character of Sekiro. Sekiro discovers his rivals how turned back on him during times of need and fights them. The game revolves around the choices the players make.



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