How Long After Airing Are Shows On ABC (And Why)?

How Long After Airing Are Shows On ABC (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 day

ABC or American Broadcasting Company is a multinational giant that is under Walt Disney Company’s Disney General Entertainment Content. Its headquarters are located in Burbank, California.

In 1943, ABC began as a radio network. But, it soon transitioned into the television industry in 1948. Since, then it has been reduced to a majorly television-oriented company, with respect to their broadcasting work. It is famously known to be the fifth-oldest broadcasting network in the world. Also, among the three biggest American television networks, ABC is the youngest company.

Owing to its name which has the first letters from the English alphabet, people call ABC the Alphabet Network.

How Long After Airing Are Shows On ABC

How Long After Airing Are Shows On ABC?

ObjectiveDuration between airing and ABC upload
Did not verify TV service provider8 days
Verified TV service provider1 day

As mentioned previously, ABC stands for American Broadcasting company. It is owned by the Walt Disney group. While it is now commonly referred to as a television network, it didn’t start out that way. In fact, it was launched as a radio network in the year of 1943. It then slowly became a television network in the year of 1948.

Since then it has pumped out so many notable shows that have caught the attention of millions around the world.

You may stream their shows and other programs on their ABC application, which is available for download on your mobile phone, tablet, and other devices. The digital application is completely free to download and allows you to enjoy your favorite ABC programs. You can either stream it live or anytime you want. You may also visit the ABC website to access their streaming portal from the browser.

These streaming portals enable you to catch the latest full-length episodes of your favorite ABC shows, along with various live streams.

Before 2014, ABC has allowed viewers to directly access the newly released episodes just one day after they air on TV. But this policy changed in 2014, and ABC had announced that viewers must verify their TV service providers in order to watch the newly aired episodes 1 day after they air on TV.

American Broadcasting Company

For those who haven’t verified their TV service provider, they must wait 8 days to stream the latest episodes of the show they’re watching.

This change was implemented on the ABC application and other services such as Hulu, on January 6, 2014.

Why Do Shows Take That Long To Come On ABC After Airing?

You may only watch the newest episodes a day after they air on TV if you verify your TV service provider on the ABC website or through the ABC digital app. The TV service providers that are accepted by ABC are Google Fiber, Verizon FiOS, Midcontinent, Cox Communications, Comcast XFINITY, Cablevision Optimum, Charter, and AT&T U-verse.

This means that only if you are subscribed to any of the aforementioned cable TV service providers, will you be able to exercise your day-after-air ability to watch the latest episodes. If you are not subscribed to any of the aforementioned TV service providers, then you will not be able to watch the episodes one day after they air on TV.

Instead, you will be able to stream the newest episodes 8 days after they air on TV.

This was done as a partnership between ABC and the mentioned TV service providers. Hence, this change encourages viewers to subscribe to the specific TV service providers, increasing their customers and profits.

In addition, this change was implemented to encourage more people to take part in same-week or live viewing of the program, either through DVR or cable on-demand services.

American Broadcasting Company

The lock symbol or a label that reads ‘Verify to watch’ will appear on the newly released episodes, if you haven’t verified your TV provider.

If you wish to verify your TV provider, then you will be asked to sign in with a specific username and password, that is provided by the TV service provider. Once you input the correct credentials, the episodes will be unlocked and available to stream.


In conclusion, we can understand that if your account is verified with a TV provider, then you have the opportunity to watch episodes just 1 day after they air on TV.

However, if you are not verified, then ABC only allows you to watch the newly aired episodes 8 days later.

This change was made in 2014 and brought a huge modification to the old option where everyone could access episodes the day after they aired.

If you want to get your hands on the newly aired episodes sooner, then you may subscribe to TV service providers such as AT&T U-verse, Cablevision Optimum, Charter, Comcast XFINITY, and more.


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