How Long Have I Been Playing League (And Why)?

How Long Have I Been Playing League (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 100 Days

Video games are the new rage in recent years and the craze for these games is growing still. Some people video games for competitions and they compete for titles and money, while some just play these games for leisure and to pass their time. Though games can be great entertainment and help people take their minds off things, they can also be highly time-consuming when people get addicted to video games. Time passes without being noticed when one keeps staring at the tv screen and keeps playing.

Some games were inspired by novels and books, some were based on movies and comics, and some were created with just a mere idea. Some games can be played in teams, while some are played by individual gamers. Among one of the best games that can be played with teammates, League of Legends still tops the list. The game received great reviews from many gamers as well as online websites that review video games.

It has been noticed that an average LOL player plays the game for about 15 minutes to an hour every day.

How Long Have I Been Playing League

How Long Have I Been Playing League?

Release for Microsoft Windows2009
Release for OS X2013
A match20 minutes to 1 hour

League of Legends (LOL), also known as “League” by the players. The game was first developed by Riot Games, and the game was also published by them, along with Garena. The director of the game is Andrei van Roon and the name of the producer is Jeff Jew. The game was written by Graham McNeill. The game can be played on both Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows in 2009, and in 2013 for the OS X platform.

The game was inspired by Defense of the Ancients, Riot’s founders thought of creating a game in the same genre, only a stand-alone game. The game is free to play since its launch in October 2009 and the game is monetized by offering character customization, which can be purchased. The genre of the game is MBOA and the mode of the game is multiplayer. The game is based completely on a map, where two teams play against each other.

Every team contains five players and in the game, the battle takes place, player versus player, and they defend their side of the map and attack the opposite side. Every player will be assigned a character with different abilities each. When a match is played, the champions can become more powerful with the experience points they collect. The gold earned from the loots can be used to purchase items, which can be used against the enemies in the game.

Why Have I Been Playing League That Long?

The game is cited as one of the world’s largest video games and the international competitive scene is composed of about 12 leagues, where the domestic leagues form together into the annual LOL championship. According to the census, the 2019 championship league had over 100 million viewers. These events were broadcasted live on ESPN, Twitch, YouTube, and even Bilibili.

The game is so popular because of its graphics, its genre, and its mode. While some people love playing games alone, most gamers love playing with their friends and other gamers. The success rate of the game also shows in its peak rate of players. According to sources, the number of gamers peaked at about eight million players and the popularity led to various spin-offs. There are music, other short video games, videos, short stories, comic books, and even animated series as spinoffs of LOL.


Another reason LOL is so famous and is played constantly is that the game is constantly updated and the size of the game keeps increasing. First, the update is released on the public beta environment for testing and after that, if everything is good, they are uploaded into the real servers. The updates lead to a lot of changes in the game like new models, graphics, maps, champions, costumes, and much more.

Though League takes about 6.5 to 7 GB of the Internet to download and the game takes about 14GB of the computer’s space. The game is very interesting and worth the space and internet usage.


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