How Long Is A Day In Minecraft (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 minutes

Some video games are played all around the world due to their various features. Some are loved for their visuals, some are loved for their genre, some are just loved for what they are. Over millions of active users play the games they like every day, for various reasons. Games are played as hobbies, while some play and develop them professionally for competitions and other companies. There are games with different and vast genres.

Minecraft is one of the oldest games that is still played by gamers everywhere and the game is quite different from the other video games created during its time. It is a sandbox video game, and the java programming language was used to create the game and the game was released in 2011. One of the interesting facts about the game is that the time in the game moves much faster than in real life, and it is one of the many quirks of the game.

The facts about the game show that in Minecraft, a day in Minecraft is 20 minutes in real life. The time conversion is done by using a certain technique, where the real-life is converted to Minecraft time in the game.

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How Long Is A Day In Minecraft?

Minecraft timeReal-time
1 year121.75 hours
1 hour50 seconds
1 month10 hours

Though the game was launched over a decade ago, Minecraft is played by many people even after so many updates and the launching of new video games. Minecraft was first developed by a Swedish video game developer, Mojang Studios. The game was designed by Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten, and published by Mojang Studios, along with Xbox Game Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The artists who worked on the game are Markus Toivonen and Jasper Boerstra.

The composer of the game, who created all the music and background score for Minecraft is Daniel Rosenfield, also popularly known by his stage name, C418. The game can be played on platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Though the game was first made public in May 2009, it was only released publicly on November 11th, 2011 after all the modifications and updates. The game comes under the genres of sandbox, survival and the game can be played in both single and multiplayer modes.

The game sold over 20 million copies and has more than 140 million monthly active users according to current statistics. Minecraft is a 3D game world, procedurally generated virtually generated terrain, which the gamers can explore. In the game, raw materials can be extracted, discovered, along with tools that can help the players to build structures.

Why Is A Day In Minecraft That Long?

It has come to light that the time in the world of Minecraft is 72 times faster than in real-time, and it is calculated as the proportion of dividing 1440 by 20, which equals 72. This method of calculation is used because there are 1440 minutes in a day in real-time, which is 60 multiplied by 24 hours and it is divided by 20 since 20 minutes in real life is a full day in Minecraft.

An hour in Minecraft is 50 seconds in real-time, while a day in Minecraft is 20 minutes in real-time. A month in Minecraft is 10 hours in real-time, a year in Minecraft is 121.75 hours. 1 tick in real-time is 3.6 in Minecraft seconds, 1 second is 1 minute 12 seconds, 1 minute is 1 hour and 12 minutes, 1 hour is 3 days and 1 day is 72 days in Minecraft time.


There are different types of modes in the game which can be chosen according to the player’s choice. Players can fight, compete and play with computer-controlled mobs, or play with other players who are playing Minecraft since the game is also available in multiplayer mode. The players can modify the game, and the game is available in survival and creative mode.

Players can create new gameplays, assets, items, and much more in the game, and they can acquire resources to build the game. The game is even used to teach academics to students in educational environments by teachers who want to make learning interesting. The game had several spinoff games like Minecraft Story Mode, Minecraft Earth, and Minecraft Dungeons.


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