How Long After Civil War is Infinity War (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 years

Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War are each movie made via way of means of Marvel Studios. These movies had been launched in 2016 and 2018 respectively.



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The former one primarily features Captain America or Steve Rogers in the lead role along with other superheroes. It is a key film in the MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is because this featured the fallout between the original avengers. This resulted in the formation of 2 groups of superheroes. One which works with the government and another which works according to their will.

In Infinity War, all the superheroes in the MCU come together to fight the evil protagonist named Thanos. All the superheroes who went their separate ways after the Civil war come together to fight the evil Thanos. This movie is the first part of the culmination of Marvel’s Phase 3 movies.

How Long After Civil War is Infinity War

How Long After Civil War is Infinity War?

ObjectiveTime Period
Duration Between Civil War and Infinity War2 years

The events of the Infinity war are taking place after a gap of about 2 years. This can be confirmed by the conversation between Wanda and Vision in which Vision tells Wanda that they have been on the run for 2 years.

The events of Captain America: Civil War are very much unfortunate. But was so much power-packed. Many fans started taking sides between the heroes. There were Team Iron Man and Team Captain America.

The heroes who went along with Iron Man were Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow, Vision, Col. James Rhodes aka War Machine, T’Challa aka Black Panther, and the latest and exclusive entry to the movie Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.

Team Captain America had Sam Wilson aka Falcon (currently the new Captain America after the events of Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch, and Scott Lang aka Ant-Man.

The plot of the film was primarily revolving around the Sokovia Accords and the evil protagonist Baron Zemo.
Infinity War followed the entrance of Thanos to Earth to acquire all the infinity stones to have complete control of the universe. It also made the entrance of Doctor Strange and The Guardians of the Galaxy work with the original Avengers. The Guardians of the Galaxy included Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, Rocket, and Nebula.

Interestingly Steve Rogers and Tony Stark aka Iron Man never meet in Infinity War. While Steve Rogers was on Earth, Tony Stark was in Titan which was the home planet of Thanos.

Why Does it Take Long After Civil War for Infinity War?

In Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man and his associates supported the Sokovia Accords that were put forth by the United Nations. These accords stated that all the superheroes in existence can only act when they were called upon by the government.

Baron Zemo was against superhumans and took it upon himself to eradicate them. He sets to split the avengers by bombing the United Nations conference thereby killing King T’Chaka who was the then King and Black Panther of Wakanda. Then on King T’Challa takes up the mantle of Black Panther.

Zemo also at one point controls Bucky as the Winter Soldier. This is done by saying the 10 keywords in Russian. After which he recks havoc on the Avengers. He finally regains consciousness thanks to Captain America. Finally, Zemo frames Bucky for the death of Howard Stark and Maria Stark who were the parents of Tony Stark.

Even though Bucky has done those crimes when he was the Winter Soldier, he had no memory of it. Tony wasn’t open to discussion and still blamed Bucky for the death of his parents. He blamed Steve because all along Steve knew that Bucky was responsible for the death of his parents and didn’t share that information with Tony.

The movie ends with the huge fallout between Captain America and Iron Man and Cap abandons the stars and stripes along with the shield and goes into hiding along with Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson. After all these events they take refuge in Wakanda.


The long 2 years in which Captain America and his team go underground is when many other Avengers start to lead a normal life. This can be seen in the opening of Infinity War when we see Wanda and Vision becoming a couple.

All the remaining avengers too don’t experience any kind of issue for 2 years. After which Thanos arrives after murdering half of the Asgardians along with Loki. During the battle between Thor and Thanos, Thor manages to send Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Hulk to Earth by using the Bifrost.

All the events of the Infinity War started after the arrival of Bruce to the Sanctum Sanctorum.


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