How Long Is God Of War (And Why)?

How Long Is God Of War (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 30 hours

God of war is a game that is based on adventure and action. Kratos is the featuring character of this action-adventure game. In this game, you have to tackle the players (adventure players). The god of war game focuses on Kratos and his son (Atreus). This game is all about how you control Kratos and tackle the players. Some people get access to control Atreus (the son of Kratos), but it depends on the permission. There are many parts of the god of war that has been renowned everywhere.

The latest parts of the god of war are mainly based on Norse mythology, as it is set in Norway. Before the latest series, the setting ere based on Greek mythology.

How Long Is God Of War

How Long Is God Of War ?

It’s difficult to answer how long is the god of war is, as many factors affect the period for reaching the end. The factors that influence the completion of the god of war are the following:
Players playing style.
Dedication for the game.
Navigation pace.
Determination to complete the game.
If the player chooses to not include the complexities, like skipping the guest parts and play the main game only, then it will take less time. You can say the god of war game could be finished in a shorter time if played simply. To complete the god of war game faster, you have to play all the aspects (stages) without any fault. The concentration of mind will also affect how long the god of war game would be. As people with high concentration would play this game faster and in an easier manner.

The latest version of the god of war would require more time, as compared to the previous (old) version of the god of war. The latest god of war contains many collectibles and guests (side guests). These external factors make the new god of war game more complex and time-consuming. No doubt! the game would be very engrossing if the folks play it correctly.

It depends on the player if the player would take the fullest of the game by playing all the aspects or would avoid the complexities.

Name of the seriesTime required for completion
God of war 1Up to 28 hours (for the main story)
God of war 2Up to 35 hours (side guests with the main story)
God of war 3Up to 60 hours (Completionist)
A call from the wilds (God of war)Up to 28 hours

Why Is God Of War So Long?

God of war game is all about exploring that makes it lengthier with longer time coverage. God of war seasons 1, 2, and 3 were not that complex, as the game was simple and easy to play. The latest release of this god of war game is very time-consuming, as it has so many things to cover. The game contains many side guests and other aspects.

All these aspects make the latest version of the god of war game very lengthy and need a lot of patience to play. It depends on the player’s interest and dedication to play the game with patience. If the player is extremely fast and impeccable, then the game could be beaten within 25 hours (for the main story). The time coverage increases depending on how experienced and fast the player would be.
The main reason behind the time coverage of the god of war is the guest’s appearance. The latest game contains many guests that will increase the time to complete the whole god of war game.
The side guests increase the time by 6 to 10 hours, as it has many things to explore. The completionist would have to play for around 55 to 60 hours, as the completionist has to cover all the guests. The completionist will make sure Kratos get all the collectibles and explore all the side quests.


The god of war game is time-consuming, but you can always make it longer or shorter. Experiences players would crack the game within less time, as they know how to play it. The new players may face difficulties to understand the game at the initial stage. God of war game is curated in such a manner to give adventures to its players. You will see many journeys, not associated with the main story (plot).

All these associated and non-associated aspects with the main plot are to make the game more adventurous and fun. You should try covering all the collectibles, side quests, and other aspects to enjoy the god of war game to the fullest.


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