How Long it Takes to Finish Dark Souls 3 – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30-40 hours

Published by Banai Namco Entertainment, Dark Soul is an action role-playing video game released on April 2016. You play the ashen one, an undead who rises to link the flame and bring back the 5 Lords of Cinder to their sovereignties at Firelink Shrine.

The quest takes place from the Kingdom of Lothric to Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City. The five Lords of Cinder include the Abyss Watchers; Lord of the Profaned Capital, Ludleth the Exiled; Aldrich, Saint of the Deep;

  1. Farron’s Undead Legion
  2. Holy King Lothric
  3. Last Hope of His Line
  4. Yhorm the Giant.
How Long it Takes to Finish Dark Souls 3

How Long Dark Souls 3 takes to Complete?

The game takes a maximum of 30-40 hours to complete for a players first experience. However, players can take fewer hours to complete the game by help of features the game provides when stuck.

A player is a male character equipped with a wide range of weapons that could be categorized as primary and secondary weapons. Bows, swords and throwable projectiles could be considered as primary weapons for fighting enemies and shields act as secondary weapons for shielding against attacks from enemies.

Different kinds of enemies will be encountered thus some weapons would do more damage to enemies by performing light and heavy attacks. Magic is also a feature in the game using a magic system called Focus Points that are performed at bonfires that act as checkpoints, also stamina is consumed.

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Magic is performed for defensive, offensive and support functions. At the beginning of the game, the magic is hard to perform but after getting high stats in magic it becomes easy. The player wears an armor that protects him from attacks by limiting the damage and life of the player.

As quest progresses more heavy armor can be unlocked and used by the player.

Why it Takes That Long to Complete Dark Soul Game

The Vast Open world of the game provides challenges in finding new areas and collectibles. Level layouts are a hard nut to crack and requires further learning and familiarizing themselves with the game.

The ‘bosses ‘are difficult to fight and nothing works from dodging, rolling or blocking thus by studying the’ bosses’ fight patterns one has a chance to win. Using the game’s multiplayer features one can call someone to help you take it down and also one can be called by other players to provide assistance.

Taking on a boss is way easier with more people. Cooperative also opens the player up to invasion from aggressive PVP players. Bosses do have high health bars and high damage output to a player thus one dies all through the game.

The game has difficulty classes that include Knight, this class focuses on ensuring the player is alive and deals effectively with damages.

Thief class is challenging as armor is light or no armor at all. Another level where a player is only provided with the weakest club, shield and one have no armor.

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The game is difficult but by learning the environment and getting high stats will make the game easier and fast to play.



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  1. It seems like Dark Soul has a very high level of difficulty but you can always manage to improve your gaming skills to overcome it. Interesting!

  2. The game seems quite complex due to the different levels and weaponry available to the player. It sounds like an extraordinary game.

  3. Learning that Dark Soul’s difficult bosses make the game more challenging but interesting, and the only way of winning is by learning the boss’ fight pattern.

  4. I didn’t realize Dark Souls was that difficult, with such challenging bosses. It sounds like it would provide some good entertainment for players who are up to the task!

  5. Dark Souls 3 sounds like the kind of adventure that requires a lot of focus and dedication to succeed.

  6. It’s great to know that Dark Souls takes 30-40 hours for a player’s first experience, this tells me that there’s a lot to do in the game!

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