How Long After Breakup To Date (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-2 Months

Male and females get attracted to each other and get into a relationship. The relationship might be a long one and on the other hand, it can be for a few months too. But, people move on after they have had a serious relationship.

But, not all people can move on after they have experienced a breakup. Moving on can be difficult too because not all people have the same mindset. Some people can easily move on from a serious relationship because they are motivated. But, some lacks behind and loses their motivation to move on in their life.

How Long After Breakup To Date

How Long After Breakup To Date?

For people who have the motivation to move onFew days or a week
People who cannot move on easilyFew months or a year

It is normal that you can be in a serious relationship and things don’t work out between you and your partner. It is always best that you stay single and work on your personal things like working on your career and other important things.

People who are motivated can think of things like these and that is one of the reasons why they can move on easily. A serious relationship can affect your mind as soon as you break up and that could last for several months before you try to make things normal.

This is the time when you should not spend time alone but instead, you should talk to people and stay socially active. Talk to your family members and plan for a trip that will make you feel better for quite a while.

Some people start to date within a day or two as soon as they break up. Things like these might be surprising sometimes for other people because that shows whether or not they were serious with their prior relationship.

You will be needing four to five months if you have been dating your partner for more than a year. You keep thinking about your relationship all the time as soon as you break up with your partner. Therefore, try to think positive all the time and do things that will distract your mind from the breakup that you recently had.

Why Does It Take That Long After Breakup To Date?

Time is not fixed for each individual because not all people have the same kind of mindset. Some people move on easily and they begin to date someone else as soon as they break up from their previous relationship.

The post-breakup stage is one of the most difficult things to handle for a person. You can recover from a physical injury but when it comes to your emotional state then it takes a while. Sadness is something that is quite difficult to handle.

You have to get past that stage when you are crying about your previous relationship which you had. Try to indulge yourself in different work, hobbies, friends, and other new things. Try learning something new which will take your time.

Familiarise yourself with a new environment and this way you can move on easily. You cannot control your mind when you are in a sad situation. Whatever things you do if you were in a serious relationship with your previous partner then it could take a while to move on from the break-up.

Try to do things just like before how you used to do before you were in a relationship. This way you can get motivated by thinking that you were good when you were single. A breakup can happen if you were into a relationship therefore you need to think of situations to handle yourself.


In the end, you have to take care of yourself by taking care of your personal things. You have to think about things that are more important than a breakup. Do things that will motivate you to concentrate on your work. Help your young ones in their work and this way you can kill the time killing less time thinking about your previous partner.

This is the time when you should not be listening to sad music or kinds of stuff like that. It will make you feel more sad thinking about your previous relationship. Take care of your family and socialize more during this time.


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