How Long Can a Person be Out on Bond (And Why)?

How Long Can a Person be Out on Bond (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 90-120 Days

No person likes spending time in jails. Most people are keen to come out of jail as soon as possible. And the very first thought that comes into a person’s mind after landing in jail is to set oneself free as soon as possible.

Bail bonds come to the rescue in these situations. This refers to a deposit of money or some property to the courts by the accused/ suspect. In return, the suspect is offered for release from jails. Though he has to appear before the court, on the dates assigned. If he fails to do so, it may lead to the termination of the bonds.

How Long Can a Person be Out on Bond

How Long Can a Person Be Out On Bond?

Most of the bonds last somewhere between 90-120 days. But this too may vary based on the severity of crime/offense. All the more, if the person had some previous offense history, that too might affect the duration.

But even when the person is out on bond, he needs to follow certain rules, so that the time duration of the bond does not get cancelled. Some of the rules are-

  1. Obeying all the rules and regulations. Not giving any chance to the law enforcement bodies to terminate the bond duration.
  2. Keeping away from any kind of drugs. There is a possibility that some random drug test may take place.
  3. Say no to possess any type of weapon.
  4. Complying with all the travel restrictions.

As long as the person follows all of the conditions relating to bail bonds and the courts, he can be free from jails. But one thing to keep in mind is that he needs to appear before the local police or courts on the days assigned.

If the person is rearrested for committing a crime while out on bond, the court will be strict on its decisions.

ConditionsTime Duration
General time Duration90-120 days
Speedy TrialsAlmost 45 days
Accused of feloniesNot more than 30 days

Why Does It Take So Long For a Person To Be Out On Bond?

Bonds are the surest way to get a quick release from jails but there are certain conditions that determine the time duration for which a person can be out on bonds.

Usually, bail bonds are granted on a major condition that the accused/suspect ought to show up before the court on the assigned days. In most cases, these ‘assigned days’ may not be given for quite a while. In most cases, the first court appearance is scheduled after 45-90 days or more than that. That’s why the bonds last for around 90-120 days.

Speedy Trials-The person also has a right to opt for speedy trials as well. This takes somewhere between 30-45 days. An advantage of this is that the court hearing might take place sooner than usual. However, there is also an option to waive off the speedy trials. In this case, a person may be out on bond for months before any court hearings.

The severity of the crime- The time duration for a person to be out on bond also varies based on crimes committed. A person accused of misdemeanors will get a longer time, to be out on bonds. Whereas, those who are suspected/accused of felonies can be out on bonds for a smaller time period.

Previous Records– Whether the accused had some previous criminal records or not is also taken into consideration. This thing is a major determinant, for a person to be out on bonds for a longer time duration.

Place of residence– This is also a major factor that determines how long a person can be out on bonds. The reason is that if the person’s residence is not far, he might attend the court days on the assigned days and would be regular with that.


As specified above, the time duration for a person to be out on bonds is 90-120 days. But this time may vary based on various conditions. No person likes to be in jail for some reason. So, bonds are very common among people. They can at least be out on bonds until the next hearing or court procedures.



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