How Long Should You Walk On a Treadmill (And Why)?

Exact Answer: For 30-45 Minutes

People of every age group these days have become health conscious and fitness-friendly. And as such gym and specifically treadmills are gaining a whole spotlight. Treadmills have become the new best friends of the generation. With a plethora of workouts like cardio, strength, and yoga, people are particularly opting for treadmills for the cardio session. It is easy, compatible, and convenient for everyone. Walking is preferred more than any other activity. It can be walking, jogging, or even treadmill walking. Treadmills or any other machinery have their genetics. Walking on treadmills also have their prerequisites. And the most common question that arises with it is that for how long should one walk on the treadmill. Various trainers, researchers have different opinions on this. Here we are to bring an apt answer to this common question.



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Treadmills are used for a wide range of activities, it can be belly burning or it can be just strength building. Treadmill walking is associated with the purpose for which you’re doing it. Along with that, it also depends on how friendly you’re with treadmills. If you’re a beginner you have a different walking time and if you’re a regular person you’ll have a different one.

Contemplating all the parameters like the speed of the treadmill, correct posture, calories that need to be burnt, and the kind of training, you choose your period for treadmill walking. On average, you should walk for 30-45 minutes for most of the weekdays or 150-250 minutes in a week.

How Long Should You Walk On a Treadmill

How Long You Should Walk on a Treadmill?

As outlined above, it all majorly depends on various parameters. It depends on your body weight, stamina, and majorly your goals. Different goals and different age groups can have varied running times. If your age is 25-20 years old and your goal is to lose weight, you can stretch your workout to up to 300 minutes a week. Various studies suggest that treadmill walking for 300 minutes a week will not only help you lose faster but also add to your health benefits. You can modify the walking style according to you. You may walk 40 minutes per day or you may walk 60 minutes five days a week. Also, it can turn out more effective if you blend your treadmill routine with other aerobic activities like swimming, cycling, etc.

Here is a table indicating the ideal walking time for age groups:

Age GroupTreadmill Walking Time
Teens10-12 Minutes
25 and Above43-45 Minutes, five days a week
40-6530-35 Minutes, five days a week
SENIOR (ABOVE 65 YEARS)35 Minutes, five days a week
Treadmill Walking Time based on age groups

Similarly, you can devise your walking style and time based on your purpose and other factors that influence it.

Why You Should Walk on a Treadmill for That Long?

A Treadmill can be your best friend for all the right reasons. Treadmills have a wide range of uses that can be weight management, strength building, or treating some diseases. As stated above, for every purpose, the walking time is unique. If the purpose is solely health and fitness, you may follow a regular regime. If the treadmill is a part of your health development, posture maintenance, abdominal exercise, you can have a treadmill walk of short intervals. You can keep it to 20-30 minutes for a moderate-intensity workout. You may consult your fitness coaches to know what routine best suits you. Your ideal treadmill workout plan may look like this:

Warming up at an easy pace for the initial few minutes.

Pacing up your walking speed by maintaining your correct posture and without touching handrails.

Without leaning forward or overstriding, start jogging and increase the speed to match accordingly.

After jogging for about  3 to 4 minutes, return to your brisk walking for another five minutes.

Again, start with the jogging drill. Don’t forget to look ahead and not down.

Repeat the regimen for about 30-45 minutes, and wrap up at an easy walking pace for the last five minutes. This will cool you down.


Concluding the big question of the day, now that we know all the whys and how’s of the treadmill, we can easily calculate the walking time for us based on our needs and practice. Treadmill walking is one of the most convenient forms of exercising. It not only enhances your health but also offers you a regular walking routine regardless of outdoor temperature and condition. But make sure that you follow all the safety norms and avoid common treadmill mistakes to make the most out of your routine.

Get set your goals and jump into your shoes, the treadmill ones, and happy treadmilling.

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