How Long To Beat Mass Effect (And Why?)

How Long To Beat Mass Effect (And Why?)

Exact Answer: 30 hours

The main story takes about 18 hours to complete, whereas with the extras it’s about 30 hours. The game is developed by BioWare and Demiurge and published by Microsoft Game Studios in the year 2007. It can be played on various platforms like both Xbox and Playstation and even PC.

The premise of the game is what makes it even more interesting, a commander sees imminent danger from an ancient foe and decides to form a team to save the civilization. This action-packed and high adrenaline game is thus a favorite and for good reasons. 

How Long To Beat Mass Effect

How Long To Beat Mass Effect?

There are various versions of the game Mass Effect for example the Mass Effect 4-Andromeda, Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, and 3. These games follow the same pattern of doomsday destruction looming over the civilization and how the team of heroes try and save the day.

What makes the game really enjoyable is the different characters with their own dimensions, backstories, strengths, and weakness. The main character is Commander Shepherd and his gender, appearance, history, and combat powers can be determined by the player. He and his crew members fly through the galaxy in their ship SSV Normandy and fight against the ancient foe. 

The other squad members are Liara T’Soni, a doctor of the Asari kind and also a potential lover of both the Shepherds, Miranda Lawson is a Cerberus officer who makes an appearance in Mass Effect 2 and a second-in-command of the commander. Ashley Williams, Kaidan Alenko, Mordin Solus, Samara are other few members of the squad who make it almost perfect. 

Game NameDurationStoryline
Mass Effect 130 hoursIt has a great storyline to help with the building of the franchise. Not only that it also has various side missions which make the game even more interesting. 
Mass Effect 236 hoursThis is undoubtedly the best one amongst the original lot, there are elements of suspension, love, sacrifice, and more importantly brotherhood in this installment of Mass Effect.
Mass Effect 324 hoursThe next installment could not sadly surpass its predecessor, even though everything here is about the consequences of their action.

Why Does It So Long To Beat Mass Effect?

There are three types of mode in the game normal, moderate, and difficult and of course, there is a difficulty level associate with each. The best way to beat this is to change the settings of the squadmates so that they only use their defensive abilities and will not blow through their counterattack abilities. After that, once the players get the hang of it, they learn to control the attacks better and hence can get better at playing the game. 

There are different types of characters with different strengths, for example, the Soldier is the highest-ranking who has a nifty power called immunity with the help of which they can absorb up to 80 percent of an attack done on them. Sentinels, Infiltrators, and engineers can special skills like being able to repair shields and so on. 

Apart from the first one, the other two Mass Effects are relatively easy, and in no way less adventurous. Especially the Mass effect two really sets the stage for so much emotional and personal growth of the characters and thus the player needs to make mindful decisions as they will later face the consequences of these decisions in the next installment. 

A few of the antagonist characters of the game are Sovereign who is an ancient life form assimilating advanced organic life. Another is Saren Arterius who is a secondary antagonist and works alongside Sovereign to destroy SSV Normandy and then the civilization. The Illusive Man is a powerful antagonist who makes an appearance in  Mass Effect: Invasion. 


The game overall is really exciting and gets the user glued to the screen with his impeccable storytelling, characters, plots, and sub-plots. The most recent game Mass Effect: Andromeda launched in 2017 also got many praises from the gaming community for its improved graphics, better fighting sequences, and character story.

The major themes of the game include diversity, freedom, brotherhood, fighting for the right cause, sacrifice, and colonialism. The overall theme can be chalked up to organic vs synthetic but upon taking a closer look, things are hardly like what they seem. As it can be enjoyed on various platforms like Xbox and PlayStation it helps the game gain even more popularity. 


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