How Long After CWL to Get Medals (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 15-20 minutes

Clan War Leagues is one of the new features which was updated in Version 11 a few years back. Clan War Leagues could be a league structure for most of the Clan Wars. War League consists of groups of 8 clans.

Every once a month Clans used to sign-up and fight wars of one week with Clans of comparable talent level. The most important rule to participate in is Clans are ought to sign-up for CWL with a minimum of 15 members and ranges up to a maximum of 50 members. It’s a smart plan to enroll over 15 members to own a lot of attackers to decide on from in every War.

How Long After CWL to Get Medals

How Long After CWL to Get Medals?

League Medals are provided once all the Clans within the cluster have attained their War Week battles. The very best leagues offer the most important rewards and show that the clans in them are the most effective of the best! Every League runs once per season, at the roughly identical time as one another.

Usually, after completing all wars among eight clans, it may take a couple of minutes to hours to be awarded rewards. Once even if you leave the clan, bonuses and awards will still be awarded. Individual players achieve war stars by attacks turn out to be League Medals and all Clan members signed-up for Clan War Leagues get additional League Medals from all Wars that the Clan wins

League Medals, which the players win are always depended on which league the Clan is currently taking part in, and what’s the Clan’s placement among the cluster at the Season end. Winning the cluster and ending in a high position can yield the foremost League Medals, and every lower position yields several League Medals less than Winners.

For a player to induce the complete reward for his Clan’s placement, he should gain a minimum of eight War Stars from his attacks throughout the Season.

Type of rewardsDuration (Minimum)
League medals15-30 minutes
Bonus awards15-20 days

Players solely can earn up to 2,500 League Medals at a time. If the player earns any further, the surplus is regenerated into Gems. One Gem is earned for every ten medals in excess. League Medals will be spent during a special section of the house Village look.

Why Does it Take That Long to Get Medals After CWL?

Groups of clans have to clash in opposition to each other through which they can progress throughout the leagues, and additionally to win the rewards. League Medals are a high-priced symbol that you just win from CLW. If your respective Clan Leader registers you to Clan War Leagues, you have got an opportunity to receive a minimum of some League Medals at the end.

Generally, there’s a delay and generally, there’s not. Though Medal distribution invariably depends on the leader it takes few minutes rarely to few hours as it takes time to calculate the stars and medals for each group of clans and process it. It also takes few hours to get rewards, if any of the clan takes more time to complete the war.

Few people even face issues to start the next war due to delay of time and this isn’t great for them to organize their attacks notably most seasoned players are untouchable at special times to consult with. Occasionally, few screens get struck on the war screen which leads to delay of the rewarding award. But, no more step such as contacting the support team is not required, as this issue will be resolved automatically within a short period. 

 If you have registered already into the clan, but then leave out of the Clan due to specific reasons, you still deserve :

  1. 20% to 100% of the position League Medal reward counting on what number of War Stars you have collected
  2. Bonus League Medals which are additionally given by Clan Leader and Co-Leaders.


At the termination of War Week, Clans who have grossed the foremost stars will be upgraded to higher leagues, whereas other clans are relegated. Players get Medals from their attacks and have an opportunity to be awarded bonus League Medals.

Every war that the clan wins will increase the number of players eligible for the Bonuses by one. The Bonuses ought to be distributed among 21 days of the Clan’s War Week ending. The size of a bonus as well as how many people it will be given to depends on the Clan’s League throughout War Week.


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