How Long To Beat Shadow Of The Colossus (And Why)?

How Long To Beat Shadow Of The Colossus (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 to 8 hours

Shadow of the Colossus is a video game. It has essentially 16 fights and the traveling between them. Shadow of the Colossus is more than just a game. It’s a spiritual meditation, the beauty of the game lies not just with the scaling of colossal beasts but with the moments of quiet contemplation. As you ride your horse throughout the Forbidden Land unanswerable questions cloud your mind questions like where did these colossi come from, what happened to this land and what makes it forbidden, who is dormant, or is it more appropriate to ask who are doormen none of these questions have definitive answers.

How Long To Beat Shadow Of The Colossus

How Long Does It Take To Beat Shadow Of The Colossus?

It takes 6-8 hours. Firstly, you have to leave the Colossus away from the cave where it starts because ultimately, you’re going to convince it to stand over one of these geysers in the meantime it’s your job to avoid the fireballs just jump and roll out of the way stand around a geyser until it gets there so now your goal is to keep the colossus here until the geyser erupts.

You could run around and sort of get it to follow you just run too far away from the geyser because you want to begin to be over it then things blow up. You can also shoot it with an arrow if you want it to change direction and you can also jump to avoid the damage when it pounds the ground.

When two of the Colossus legs will flail and reveal weak points that you’re going to shoot with your arrow. After the two hits, the Colossus falls that’s going to be your cue to run around and climb up. You need to be at a point where you can have solid ground underneath.

Time is taken to beat the shadow of the colossus:

At first6-8 hours
To complete all the 38 shadows of the colossus20-25 hours

Colossus number 15 is the hardest fight in the game and it is due to the additional damage point in hard mode meet Argus the additional point is where his heart is so, if you’re playing a normal you can skip the hardest part of the fight. Once the encounter begins run over the Ledge that’s slightly out of reach.

Why Does It Take Time to Beat Shadow Of The Colossus?

The character we play is named wander but that might not be obvious to those who play the English version of the game for example on the original UK website for the game there is a link one can click that says what is the wanderer’s name the answer is as follows. “It matters not. His efforts were not for the life cause of creating a legend for himself.”

We only know his name is wandered because of the way the game was originally titled in the Japanese Wanda and the Colossus the reason why it is titled Wanda instead of wandering it is that the Japanese do not have any words in their language that ends in ER.

 There are clues to help us along the right path, where the game’s true genius lies piecing together what exactly is going on in this world and those moments of quiet contemplation give you plenty of time to figure out the answers for yourself to let your imagination run wild with possibility while no canonical explanation of the game’s world and narrative has been released I believe that through rational deduction and careful attention to clues and evidence a proper explanation can be derived.

Wanders travels to this Wanders back story isn’t clear but one can make an educated guess based on various elements. Wanders travels to this forbidden land with his deceased companion. A woman named Mano is recently deceased. Wander was in love with Mano and feels guilt over the fact.


In the shadow of the colossus a living being has their light half extracted at the tip of the ancient sword this is why the colossi and demon wander are over by shadow upon their death.
The shield that has been used throughout the game can shine lights in ICQ security systems and weapons could be created both of which can shine the light.
This Colossus doesn’t want you on its head. So, it’s going to shake violently. Keep an eye on your meter to hold on so you don’t have to fall off and play the guys are trick again like I said this is the only weak spot on this monster.


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  1. The game’s mystery and depth make it engaging and intellectually stimulating, providing a unique experience for players.

  2. The game’s narrative and depth make it a thought-provoking and immersive experience for players, offering a compelling journey from start to finish.

  3. The engaging narrative and enigmatic world of Shadow of the Colossus provide a rich and deep experience for players.

  4. The enigmatic narrative of Shadow of the Colossus is thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating, providing a deeply immersive experience for players.

  5. It’s interesting that the game’s true genius lies in the moments of quiet contemplation, where players have time to figure out answers for themselves.

  6. The nuanced narrative and intellectual depth of Shadow of the Colossus make it a truly unique and captivating game for players.

  7. The challenging encounters and 6-8 hours of gameplay make it a well-rounded experience for players looking for depth and excitement.

  8. The game’s narrative and world-building are intriguing and captivating, leading to an intellectually rewarding gaming experience.

  9. This game is a beautiful masterpiece, the spiritual meditation and quiet contemplation are truly captivating, making it a unique and immersive experience.

  10. The time to beat Shadow of the Colossus is between 6-8 hours, it’s not too long and allows for deep immersion in the game’s world and narrative.

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