How Long To Beat Sekiro (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 hours

In terms of annual revenue, the gaming industry has surpassed the film and music industries. With ongoing innovation, a golden era of gaming might be on the horizon. For a long period, action games were one of the most popular genres. If you like fighting, chasing, jumping, solving puzzles, and other activities that require a quick response, then Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice is your best choice. Sekiro is a game that is both terrifying to learn and extremely rewarding to play.

Activision and FromSoftware collaborated to create Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, an action-adventure game. It was accessible on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia, among other platforms.

Sekiro is a shinobi out for revenge against the samurai clan that has tortured him and abducted his lord. The game is based on fictional Japan during the Warring States period and contains many references to Buddhist folklore and teachings. Critics lauded Sekiro, comparing it to the Souls games and appreciating its gameplay and setting. However, opinions on its difficulty were diverse. It has won several awards, including the best game of the year award.

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How Long To Beat Sekiro?

The average time it takes to beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is around 30 hours, but that doesn’t imply the game finishes. Players who wish to complete the game should expect to spend an additional 40 hours in-game on top of the 30 needed to conquer it, for a total of 70 to 80 hours in-game.

To be 100% complete in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the player must gather every Gourd Seed and Prosthetic attachment, defeat every boss, explore every region, and accomplish a wide range of various side objectives. Technically, the game’s Platinum Trophy necessitates even greater effort, but by that point, one has most likely ceased caring about time spent in-game with friends.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s gameplay features include no dodge-roll invincibility frames, and the player will fight with the same blade and armor level throughout the game. On the other hand, prayer beads are used to increase the player’s levels of resistance and defense. The length of time spent playing Sekiro determines solely by how quickly players defeat the game’s bosses.

Shadows Die Twice is severe enough on its usual difficulty setting. To make Sekiro even more difficult, players must visit the Senpou Temple and ring the Demon Bell, which maximizes the strength of all adversaries in the game. This will not only increase the difficulty level but also will also boost the rewards for killing foes. The table below shows how long it takes various players to beat Sekiro.

Single-player The average time is taken to beat
Main story29 hours 33 minutes
Main + extras43 hours 29 minutes
Completionist72 hours and 19 minutes
All playstyles47 hours and 14 minutes

Why Does It Take That Long To Beat Sekiro?

It takes a long time to beat Sekiro because of the exploratory nature, skill level, and complexity of Sekiro, and how you choose to play will greatly affect your finish time of the game. Sekiro does not allow you to manually enhance your stats by grinding out levels. It is impossible to “over-level” a space. If the battle takes a long time to click for you and you explore everything, you may want to extend the game time to 60 or 80 hours.

It is also worth mentioning that if you spend time researching, your completion time will increase. Gourd seeds and prayer beads are one of the dozens of collectibles available. While they aren’t required to complete the game, they may make things simpler by providing additional healing items and improving your vitality. You’ll be able to finish it fast if you grasp the new deflecting system and restrict your wandering. However, if it takes you along to get used to the fighting and you investigate everything, the game’s playability might easily reach 60 or 80 hours.

Here are some general tips for beating every boss and surviving in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice.

  • Sekiro’s gameplay revolves entirely around parrying. The key to fully mastering this game is to learn everything about repelling many attacks in rapid succession.
  • Sekiro’s stealth mechanism must not be neglected. You must stay in the shadows and move around as little as possible.
  • Shadows Die Twice has a pause button. You no longer need to hide when using the restroom, because you can now pause the game.
  • The game doesn’t tell you this until later on, but after combat, you’ll need to hold down X/Square to gather money and other goodies from fallen adversaries.


Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice is an extremely difficult and ruthless action-adventure game, but still incredibly fascinating. The posture-based fighting is challenging to learn but very gratifying to master, and the tweaks to From Software’s customary cliches result in a game that’s surprisingly approachable for novice players. It is accessible on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia platforms. Follow the general rules to defeat every boss and make it to the conclusion of Sekiro.


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