How Long To Boil Water In Microwave (And Why)?

How Long To Boil Water In Microwave (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-3 Minutes

Water is the most crucial element on the earth for living organisms after oxygen for survival. Water is an odorless, tasteless, and a transparent inorganic compound found on the surface of the earth. It is the main constituent or part of the earth’s hydrosphere and fluid for all organisms. It does not have any sort of calories, and other nutrients in it for the organisms. The water has a chemical bond of a covalent bond with two molecules of hydrogen, and one molecule of oxygen.

The coverage of about on the earth’s surface is about 70.9% which is also depleting day by day due to human activities. The presence of groundwater under the earth’s crust is about 1.7%. The polar regions which are covered with the solid form of water known as ice are about. 1.7% on the surface. The water which is present on the surface also has a proper system to support the ecosystem is called the water cycle.

The water cycle consists of many natural processes like evaporation, transpiration, condensation, perception, and the runoff of water that reaches the sea, or oceans.

How Long To Boil Water In Microwave

How Long To Boil Water In Microwave?

The studies stated that the surface of the earth is covered with 70% water, but it is a fact that only 3% of water is drinkable and fit for household uses. This percentage of fit water is getting depleting day by day due to the neglectful attitudes of humans. The main reason for the crises in this situation is global warming, increasing temperature with a decrease in rainfall percentage every year.

The main reason for reduced rainfall is deforestation. Deforestation is the process of cutting trees in a large quantity for building industries, houses, using woods, and many other usages too. The rainfall in the area depends on the number of trees in that area which regulates the climatic conditions. There are many countries in the who are suffering from water storage problems due to interference in the ecosystem.

Water has a major role in the world economy. The agricultural sector uses about 70% of water for irrigation purposes. There are many countries whose major food is fish, and fishing in the ocean and freshwater bodies are the biggest sources. Water does not only used in the food sector, it is also used in other trading sectors also for commodities like oil, natural gases, and the products or goods are transported with the help of boats through water pathways.

Microwave1-3 Minutes
Gas Stove20-30 Minutes

Why Does Microwave Take That Long To Boil The Water?

Water that is used for drinking purposes is not in its purest form. To improve the purity of the water, making it suitable for drinking by boiling it to kill all the bacterias and germs present in it. To make the water pure boiling was a traditional method used years ago, with the change in times new technologies developed which purify the water in thee machines named RO or water purifier which works on electricity.

The water purifiers kill all the germs, bacterias, and add some additional nutrients to the water also. There are many people who don’t even get enough water which is pure for drinking. They had to suffer a lot to get a single droplet of water to quench his or her thirst, they need to walks for miles to get one pot of water every day to get water for basic works. The situation gets worse in the summer season with harsh sunny days.

The villages suffer the most from the supply of water for agriculture, and basic household works. There is proper setup of pipes, and drainage systems for the supply of water in big cities, where people don’t value it at all. People waste water like its never-ending resource which is a myth. Water is just wasted in several ways like during brushing people don’t turn the tap off, the shower is left on with running water, and many more.


The water should be used wisely because humans are running out of water with time. The rainfall rate has also been affected due to deforestation in forest regions. The freshwater lakes, sea, and ocean are getting dry due to an increase in temperature.


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