How Long To Hard Boil Eggs (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 12 minutes

Boiled eggs are the most loved and easy to make. It is just a matter of a few minutes to prepare this protein-rich food. Many prefer eating this in the morning because eggs are very healthy and are stomach filling without making the meal heavy.

The egg is called hard-boiled eggs when both the yolk as well as the white part are solid after boiling. Hard-boiled eggs are very healthy for a person’s eyes and they have anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. It can be said that hard-boiled eggs are good for health and also are very delicious.

How Long To Hard Boil Eggs

How Long To Hard-Boil Eggs?

Different ProcessesTime Taken
To Hard-Boil An Egg10 To 12 Minutes
To Soft Boil An Egg5 To 6 Minutes
Cooling Time After Hard-Boil5 Minutes

Eggs can be cooked in several ways. Few like the egg to be soft boiled, few like it when it is hard-boiled while others prefer eggs to be fried. People working in the cities are always short of time because of their hectic schedules and long traffic jams.

This makes people dependent on instant foods, which are not at all healthy due to the preservatives used in them. An egg can be boiled as per the choice of the person. If one prefers to have a hard-boiled one, the person needs to bring the water to a boil and then leave the eggs in it for 10 to 12 minutes after turning off the heat. This will boil both the white and the yolk to solidify.

Boiled Eggs

If one prefers to have soft boiled eggs then it is better to boil them for only about 5 to 6 minutes. Boiling for a short time will only solidify the egg white properly and, the yolk is in semi-solid form. Boiling an egg for more than the stipulated time may harden the yolk.

It is always better to cool down the eggs after boiling them because it becomes easier to peel the shell and, also the transparent membrane layer formed can be peeled off easily.

Why Does It Take So Long To Hard Boil Eggs?

Most people love having hard-boiled eggs. If one wants a perfect hard-boiled egg, it is better to only cook within the stipulated time. If the eggs are overcooked, they taste different and also change their color.

The scientific reasons for avoiding overcooking are also there. Eggs are the storehouse of proteins and vitamins.  As soon as they are overcooked, this makes the egg rubbery and hard.

The yolk is rich in fiber and, the egg white contains sulphur. When the egg is overcooked, the sulphur from the egg white reacts with the iron of yolk. This reaction forms a green layer on the egg yolk.

Eggs can last for a longer time in the boiling water but, if they get overcooked, the excess heating may put pressure on the shell, egg white, and the yolk, which may crumble or fragment.

Overcooked eggs do not cause any visible harm to the body but can poison the body slowly, which is called food poisoning. The thicker green layer formed on the egg yolk because of overlooking is the indication that the egg can be harmful to consume.

Boiled eggs in a glass bowl

It is also told by many famous chefs and dietitians to put the boiled egg in cold water after boiling it properly. According to research, hard-boiled eggs are the safest and better to eat.

One must boil the eggs only for 10 to 12 minutes. Sticking to the time while making hard-boiled eggs also has many health benefits. The protein helps maintain our body and helps our brain work faster.


If someone needs protein-rich food that can be prepared at home within less time, it is always preferable to have a hard-boiled egg. Eggs are also a good option for providing protein-rich food to children without much problem because most children love eating boiled eggs.

People prefer being a perfectionist while cooking, even if this is regarding boiling an egg or toasting bread. Following proper timing is the best way to become a perfectionist in cooking. It can be concluded that boiling the egg for 10 to 12 minutes is the best duration to get a hard-boiled egg with the perfect taste and perfect texture.



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