How Long To Bake Cod (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 to 12 Minutes

As humans, we have a lot of options to choose from what we can eat. We have the option to eat poultry, meat, and even seafood. Amongst these, some people prefer one over the other. But many people happen to love seafood more than the options available.

If you ask seafood lovers why they love to eat fish, you will get some similar answers. You can get answers like the meat of the fish is more tender than the other options, or the taste is superior. Amongst so many seafood options to choose from, one of the most favorite fish is Cod.

How Long To Bake Cod

How Long To Bake Cod?

Fish is not just a dietary option because of its taste. It also has numerous health benefits. So, in a way, it is a win-win situation for seafood lovers. There are so many options for seafood lovers. You have fish, prawns, and even crabs. Consuming fish can even lower the risk of heart disease.

There are many types of fish that people prefer to eat, for example – Tuna, Salmon, or Cod. Cod is very much in demand for its taste and texture along with its benefits. 

When you bake Cod to the right texture, it has a flaky texture but is indeed delicious. The Cod also has omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, which are great for one’s health. Even cooking or baking Cod is simple, and it gets ready in minutes.

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The best way to cook Cod is to bake it. It is easy and fast. You will have to invest time no matter what you cook. Be it any dish you cook you have to put in some time in preparing and cooking food. For Cod, it takes about 10 to 12 minutes. It can get done at 400 degrees.

If you want to cook it at a lower temperature, the cooking time will increase. It is suggested not to cook the Cod at too low or too high a temperature, as the taste or the texture will ruin at extreme temperatures.

TemperatureTime To Cook
350 Degrees25 to 30 minutes
375 Degrees13 to 20 minutes
400 Degrees10 to 12 minutes.

Why Does It Take So Long To Bake Cod?

If you have plans to cook or bake something, you have to prepare it and then cook it. All the steps involved in cooking take time. Even if the dish is as simple as baking a fish, which takes less time to cook, time is involved.

To bake Cod, it takes hardly half an hour, and it will get cooked to perfection. The timing can be a few minutes up and down. There can be many reasons why it takes so much time to bake the Cod. 

Some of the reasons determining the cooking time are as follows:

  • Temperature is the biggest reason behind anything you cook taking time. We all know heat cooks the food. How high or how low the heat is matters a lot. If you bake the Cod at an extremely high temperature, it will turn out burned. Likewise, if you bake the Cod at a low temperature, the texture will be that well. It can also affect the taste.
  • One other reason besides temperature is how thick or how big are the pieces of the fish. If the fish cuts are very thick or big, it may take longer than the average time. However, if the fish cuts are thin and small, the Cod will get cooked much faster. The flesh of a fish is tender, and hence it tends to get cooked faster even at moderate temperature. It takes lesser time as compared to chicken or beef.
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If you want to cook things that taste amazing, then it is vital to have patience and cook it till the right time. Codfish can be tricky to cook as a change here and there, and there can bring about other changes, which in the end affects the taste.

You can try pre-heating the oven before putting the fish in for baking. It will save time and also help in cooking the Cod in the best way possible.


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