How Long Do Chickens Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Chickens Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5-10 Years.

Scientifically known as Gallus Gallus Domesticus, the chicken is a domesticated fowl originally from Asia. The chicken is known by many words in the world like, hen, the male counterpart of the same is referred to as rooster or cock.

Earlier chickens were not considered as great domestic fowl, but as the years passed and science has evolved, people have understood the benefits of having a chicken. There was also not much information about the various types/breeds of chicken which has now become popular.

Chickens are used for both eggs as well as meat. It is important to ensure proper nutrition for the chickens for good quality eggs and meat. The quality of food and care that is given to the chicken plays an important role in the lifespan of the chicken.

How Long Do Chickens Live

How Long Do Chickens Live?

The duration of a chicken’s life depends on numerous factors. Food, care, disease, genetics, breed, and gender are some of them. Generally, chickens have a lifespan of anything between 5-10 years depending on the factors mentioned. This can vary considering the living conditions, health, and nutrition.

The quality and amount of food given to a chicken decide on its overall health, its lifespan, and the quality of the eggs and meat. Ensuring proper food and water for the chicken is very important.

Care must be taken to see that the chicken is clean and does not have any wounds to avoid infections. Also, look out for any pests-related diseases that may harm your chicken.

The breed of the chicken plays a vital role in the survival of a chicken. Some breeds are very active and smart as compared to others. This smartness helps them sense predators and quickly move to safety.

The gender of the chicken is very important when determining its lifespan. It is seen that roosters have a lower lifespan as compares to hens. Although if proper care and nutrition is given to the rooster it has the capability of living just as long as a hen.



Breed Of The ChickenLife Expectancy
Leghorn4-6 Years
Plymouth Rock8-10 Years
Rhode Island Red5-8 Years
Orpington8-10 Years
Silkie7-9 Years

The life expectancy varies from breed to breed and may increase or decrease on the basis of the nutrition and care given to the chicken. Roosters should especially be looked after with more care as they tend to have a lower life expectancy as compared to hens.

Lastly, it is all about the care and attention given to the chickens which will affect the lifespan of the chickens.

Why Do Chickens Live So Long?

The lifespan of a chicken completely depends on the nutrition and care given to it. More the quality of the nutrition given to the chicken, more strong and healthy the chicken grows. It should also be seen that the chicken is kept in a safe environment where it cannot be harmed by other animals.

The lifespan will also depend on the gender of the chicken. Generally, roosters have a low lifespan than chickens. The breed of the chicken is an important part while determining the life expectancy of the chicken.

The geographical condition also affects the health and lifespan of chickens. Chickens were traditionally originated from Asia, so a climate similar to Asia will suit best for a healthy life of the chicken. Extreme cold or heat can cause adverse effects on the chicken’s health.


Lastly, the genetics of the chicken decide the lifespan of the chicken. All one can do is provide proper nourishment and care to the chicken to provide it a healthy and good life. All of the factors cumulatively decide the lifespan of the chicken.


One must take care of their chicken, provide it the proper nourishment and pay attention to any signs or symptoms of diseases. This will ensure that the chicken leads a healthy life and lives for a longer period.

Generally, chickens who have a nice coop, receive proper nourishment and care lead an active life and live longer. If the chicken is healthy and is given the care it needs, the immune system gets the strength to fight diseases and the chicken lives a longer life in turn.


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