How Long To Leave Bleach In Hair (And Why)?

How Long To Leave Bleach In Hair (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 30 minutes

Bleach application is a very common thing for women who love experimenting with their hair. The time bleach could stay in your hair depends on the process and type of hair one is having. Once the bleach is applied, it takes 30 minutes to work on your hair. Some people may remove the bleach in 15 to 20 minutes, and others may have to keep it for 30 minutes.

Many hair professionals suggest bleaching before colour application in your hair. Bleach would help in lightening your hair. After bleach application, the hair would catch the colour in very little time. Bleaching would make your hair colour more visible.

How Long To Leave Bleach In Hair

How Long To Leave Bleach In Hair?

Generally, the bleaching of hair takes 10 to 30 minutes. There is no particular time for how long to leave bleach in hair. The bleaching in hair depends on the condition of the hair. The people with already-coloured hair may have time variation for how long to leave bleach in hair.
Bleaching is not recommended by many hair professionals, as it may have side effects on the hair. Some of the most known conditions that will predict how long the bleach would stay in your hair are mentioned below:

  • The condition of the hair.
  • The type of hair.
  • The colour of the hair.
  • The texture of the hair.

The bleach application is an aggressive process for your hair. Many people don’t prefer doing bleach, as it decreases the keratin (protein bonds) present in your hair. The bleach application destroys the protein bonds and would affect your hair’s health. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are the two most popular beaches that are applied to your hair.

In the bleaching process, you will not find a lot of options to prevent hair damage. Hair damage is the most expected repercussion of bleaching. The more time the bleach stays in your hair, the chances of damage increase. There are many sayings that staying bleach more would give you better results. It’s not true that the bleach should never stay more than 25 to 30 minutes in your hair.

The bleach would not work in a better way even if you keep it for more than 30 minutes. The time for bleach application is fixed for every type of hair (according to the condition of hair). Bleach is a chemical application and it has its own application limits. The hairstylist would be the best person for suggesting a better time for keeping the bleach in hair.

Why Leave Bleach This Long In Hair?

The bleaching process takes time to work in your hair. Some people have really tough hair for bleaching. Bleach application would take time to run your hair entirely white. The process from applying bleach to getting the result of bleaching takes longer. There are many dangerous repercussions of bleaching your hair. Some of the side effects are:

  • The loss of pigmentation in your hair.
  • Your hair would turn completely white.
  • The ability to retain moisture decreases in your hair.
  • Your hair would not be able to hold the keratin strongly.
  • Hair would be no longer easy to style.

There is some precautions method to be taken to prevent any severe side effects of bleaching. Some of these are:

  • Do a patch test before trying the bleaching of whole hair.
  • Read all the directions for doing the process before bleach application.
  • Ensure your hair type is suitable for bleaching.


The bleaching process is not an easy process, as there are many precautions to take while doing the process. You should always run to a top-rated salon for bleaching your hair, as it would ensure the safety of your hair to some extent. The condition of your hair would deteriorate for sure, but you can save the condition of your hair.

You can make your hair better by trying some good hair care products. A good protein-rich shampoo and condition would be the best way to treat your hair after bleaching. Bleaching is not a compulsory process before hair colouring. You can do bleaching if you want better hair colouring.



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