How Long After Dying Hair Can I Bleach It (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 Days

Dyeing is another word for coloring of the hair and this is done by most people to cover any gray hair or white hair. However, most people tend to color their hair only for fashionable purposes so that they can look good.

Dyeing of hair may give you a different look on your face but the process includes several chemical products that will harm the roots and the overall health of your hair. Bleaching, on the other hand, is also a chemically used product that removes the color of your hair and opens up the hair cuticle.

How Long After Dying Hair Can I Bleach It

How Long After Dyeing Hair Can I Bleach It?

Can you bleach your hair before dyeing it?Yes, you can bleach your hair before dyeing your hair.
How long to wait after dyeing to bleach your hair?Bleaching your hair after dyeing it is not recommended but you should wait for at least 15 days before moving on with other treatments.

Most people want to bleach their hair before they dye their hair but if you want to first dye your hair and then go for the bleaching process then it is best that you ask for someone’s advice before you make the final decision.

Bleaching is not at all recommended because once you dye your hair your hair needs some time to recover or to return to its normal stage. This is why experts and hair professionals recommend not to do these two things on the same day.

Bleaching your hair will only put your hair strands at a huge risk and there is plenty of chemicals present in these processes. Bleaching opens up the cuticles of your hair thus leaving your hair dry and also they will be more prone to damage.

Dying Hair

Coloring, on the other hand, also does the same things similar to bleaching where more chemicals are used raising the cuticles. Doing both processes might not be suitable for your hair because your hair will lose all its texture.

Your hair will break only because your hair could not handle all the chemicals that have been used during these two processes. Most people end up losing a lot of hair.

Why Does It Take That Long After Dyeing Hair To Bleach?

The longer you wait for further treatment of your hair the better it would be for your hair. Your hair needs some time to heal on its own and if you do bleaching and dying on the same day then your hair strands will fall off.

Once you bleach your hair you might not need to dye it because the tone that would be created will help you get the desired shade without even opting for the dyeing process. However, you should try to learn more about the side effects and all the harmful things about these two processes.

Ask an expert if you do not have an idea about bleaching or dyeing processes. These chemical processes are harsh and there might be a lingering smell from both bleaching and dyeing processes. If you want to do these two things on the same day then you must follow certain steps.


Determine the health of your hair before you opt for do bleaching and dying on the same day. Your hair might not be as healthy that it could handle bleaching and dyeing processes. So, this is one of the reasons why you should know how healthy and strengthen your hair is.

You should not bleach or dye your hair again and again because it will definitely damage your hair and this time the damage that will happen to your hair might not be temporary.


In the end, you want your hair to be healthy but if you opt for chemical used products and treatments then you might not have that much hair when you reach a certain age. But, you should do things that will help your hair look good naturally.

Some of the most common things are drinking plenty of water, eating a good diet, and getting a night of good sleep. Go see a professional if you do not have much idea about these things and you should take decisions once you know about all these things.


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