How Long To Let Brownies Cool (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At Least 30 Minutes Before Cutting Into Them

Brownie is a favorite dessert for many people who love rich and fudgy chocolate tastes. Overall, brownies are a classic dessert that one can’t go wrong with. After baking, brownies need to cool for 30 minutes before cutting. If one doesn’t wait long enough, the brownies will be gooey and sticky. 

This is because when water evaporates from food (like it does in the oven), it leaves behind sugar that then caramelizes into a candied texture.

Cutting into the uncooked dough will release steam which can cause sticking. If one is impatient, try using a serrated knife instead.

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How Long To Let Brownies Cool?

Brownie cooling time30 minutes
Brownie cooking time25 to 35 minutes

Most brownies take about 30 minutes before cutting into them. It’s best not to cut them until they’ve cooled for 30 minutes or more to allow the chocolate in brownies to set. 

Brownies cool at a rate of 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit every 5 minutes from when they are removed from the oven. The key component that influences how quickly brownies cool is fat content or sugar to hold moisture in the brownie.

Hence, for a brownie to maintain its tenderness, it will be higher in fat and sugar vs. ingredients such as flour, eggs, oil, cocoa powder. 

Therefore, whether one uses a boxed mix or makes them from scratch with a recipe if the batter texture has too little fat or sugar, the brownie can turn out dry and tough after cooling slightly. 

Generally speaking, one should aim for baking medium-high density chocolate goodies — not too sweet nor savory.

The best way to know when brownies are done is to use a toothpick, which should come out clean if the brownie is ready. 

However, since that takes extra time and effort, here’s a cool tip: If one is baking the brownies in the oven and they’re an inch (or less) deep, insert two hairpins or flat metal skewers into the dough.

Put this on low heat and check until one end bends easily without breaking. Remove from the oven and test center with a toothpick as usual. Cool completely, then turn over onto the serving plate.

Why Would Cooling Brownies Take So Long?

The cooling brownies take so long because of the laws of physics. Specific to cake-baking, just for this answer – three phases take place when baking a cake. 

First is the vaporization phase, in which water is heated up enough that it turns into vapors (water vapor) and leaves behind what’s called Steam (water vapor = steam). 

This removes any solids like sugar molecules on the inside of the batter piping hot on the inside; all these will melt away, leaving mostly liquids on top with some tiny broken down pieces on the bottom.

The answer is the difference in thermal capacity of a metal pan and a stoneware or glass dish. A metal pan will cool quicker than a stoneware or glass dish with the same height, depth, and thickness because it conducts heat at a higher rate. 

Another reason why it needs to be cooled down is that brownies are a mix of sugar, eggs, chocolate, and butter. 

A mix of eggs and butter help to make the brownie rise and stay soft. The sugar provides sweetness and helps with texture (adds crispness), and the chocolate adds flavor and smoothness. 

Flour is not used because it toughens up the gluten in baked goods; there’s plenty of flour in the cake flour of cocoa powder for brownies. At last, adding vanilla extract gives it that signature touch. Also, make sure to melt the chocolate after melting it. Otherwise, there might be some problems with the texture and taste of brownies.


Everyone knows it is very tempting to cut the brownies as soon as it is out of the oven. However, waiting for at least 30 minutes before slicing the brownies is a best practice. To do it sooner, one can even refrigerate or put it in a freezer.

Make sure to cover them in plastic before putting them in the freezer. Usually, glass baking casseroles are not preferred; a dark pan is the ideal one to bake delicious brownies.

In short, make sure to follow the recipe instructions with the right ingredients to get gooey and warm brownies.



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