How Long To Cook Asparagus On Stove (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 to 15 Minutes

Asparagus is a perennial species of a flowering plant which is scientifically known as Asparagus Officinalis. Asparagus is also known as sparrow grass. It was earlier classified along with the lilies. 

Asparagus is also related to garlic and onions. It is widely used as a spring vegetable because it has a very distinct taste and flavor. It also has some medicinal values as it has diuretic properties, and hence serves as a component in some medicines. 

The young asparagus shoots are edible only after the buds open. The shoots turn woody and become non-edible. Asparagus is a good source of vitamins, calcium, protein, potassium, and many other things. Its composition contains around 93% of water.

How Long To Cook Asparagus On Stove

How Long To Cook Asparagus On Stove? 

Cooking asparagus is not a very lengthy procedure, and it takes around 5 to 10 minutes to cook asparagus. If asparagus is old and thick, then it may even take longer than 10 minutes. 

The thickness of asparagus is the main factor that needs to be considered while cooking it on the stove. Skinny or tiny asparagus might only take around a couple of minutes to cook. The whole procedure may take not more than 5 minutes.

The way of cooking asparagus also affects the cooking duration. The shoots of asparagus are eaten all over the world in many ways. It is widely consumed as a vegetable side dish or as an appetizer. 

Stir-fried asparagus is popular in Asian-style cooking. At some places, stir-fried asparagus is eaten along with chicken & beef. They are also consumed as a component of soup. Raw Asparagus is widely used in salads.

In recent years, the asparagus pickle has also gained popularity. There are other ways in which asparagus is popularly eaten too. Cooking asparagus on a stove takes a longer time than asparagus that is eaten in a salad. 

Take a look at the following table for detailed information on the cooking time for each cooking method of asparagus.

Cooking Method Cooking Time
Boiled Asparagus2 to 5 Minutes
Broiled Asparagus10 to 15 Minutes
Steamed Asparagus4 to 6 Minutes
Roasted Asparagus8 to 10 Minutes
Sautéed Asparagus4 to 6 Minutes
Fried Asparagus5 to 7 Minutes

Why Does Cooking Asparagus On The Stove Take So Long?

Asparagus cooking time varies based on the size, thickness, age, the flame of the stove, and the method of cooking asparagus on the stove. Thickness determines the age of asparagus.  

Asparagus tastes amazing in whichever form you eat it, and proper cooking plays an important role. Proper cooking of asparagus is not that difficult. For even cooking of asparagus, keep turning it around. Asparagus should never be overcooked.

Except for roasting and broiling, asparagus should not be cooked for more than seven minutes. After the benchmark of seven minutes, the color of asparagus changes from vibrant green to olive green. 

After eight minutes, asparagus starts turning brown. If you want a crispy one, then you can cook it for a minute more. It gives a crunchy texture. 

One thing that has to be kept in mind while cooking asparagus is that they are found in three colors, but the cooking time doesn’t change due to this factor. Though green asparagus is more popular everywhere than white & purple asparagus.


Asparagus has a very long history. It is loved by health-conscious people all over the world. Asparagus is a seasonal vegetable. It storms the market during the spring season. As the demand is more than the supply, it is costly. 

All three types of asparagus are edible. Green asparagus has a grassy flavor. White and purple asparagus is quite bitter than green asparagus. These asparagus differ in components. 

Green ones are more popular in most of Europe and Western Asia. Purple and white ones are more popular in the UK. 

There are many nutritional benefits of well-cooked Asparagus, and some people are fond of it. If you have not tried it ever, then you must. It is worth a try. 



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