How Long To Steam Tamales (And Why)?

How Long To Steam Tamales (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30-40 Minutes

The tamales are a very famous and traditional dish known as a Mesoamerican dish, that is prepared with the dough also known as masa. The dough used for the preparation of tamales is starchy which is corn-based dough. The tamales are prepared by steaming them in the corn leaf, and in some areas, banana leaf is used. These leaves can be used in two ways like they can be used for wrapping purposes which can be thrown before or used as a plate for eating.

These tamales have several fillings in them like meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, chilies, and other types of fillings to provide different types of taste. In the tamales, the filing and the cooking liquid in the leaf may be used as seasonings. The tamales are considered the anglicized version of the Spanish word called tamal. The different names of the tamales are mainly influenced by British culture or English culture.

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How Long To Steam Tamales?

The tamales were originated mainly in Mexico, Guatemala, and parts of Latin America in different forms, and different methods. The tamales were considered very potable food in the traditional time used by the people. These tamales are used during hunting trips, traveling for a long distance, and used for feeding the army during the war.

The tamales were used in traditional times and can be taken for hunting trips, traveling large distances, and used for supporting their armies during the wars. In traditional times, tamales were considered sacred because they are known as the food of the god for ancient tribes. The tamales also play important role in the rituals and festivals in the traditional era.

The tamales are used in many countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Central America, the Caribbean, the United States, the Philippines, and Guam which are prepared in their different ways with different methods. In Mexica, the tamale’s dough is prepared with ground nixtamalized corn also called hominy. These doughs are combined with vegetable shortening combined with broth or water to get the consistency of the dough of a thick batter.

The tamales in Guatemala have many varieties of the traditional tamales formed from the corn husked which is known as Chuchito in Guatemala. These tamales are considered the sweet version of the tamales. The dough used in the tamales is seasoned with honey and sugar which are added with the chocolate, almonds, seeds, plums, and peppers.

They are sold in markets and private houses. At night if the red light is on that means tamales are for sale in the houses.

Steaming30-40 Minutes
Roasting15-20 Minutes

Why Does Tamales Takes That Long To Steam?

The tamales are good in taste and have high nutritional value. They have a good amount of water about 126.66 grams, a protein content of about 11.68 grams, lipid content of about 11.38 grams, and a Carbohydrate content of about 33.7 grams. They have some other nutrients also like fiber content of about 5.8 grams, the sugar content of about 1.84 grams.

They have a sucrose content of about 0.74 grams, glucose 0.39 grams, fructose 0.32 grams, maltose 0.42 grams, and starch 22.82 grams. They are also a good source of calcium content for about 54mg. They have a good amount of food energy of about 1189 kilojoules. They are a good option for people who like to stay fit and healthy.

There are several health benefits of the tamales like dietary macronutrients which helps to fuel your body. They have a good content of phosphorus, and iron which helps your body to deliver chemicals like adenosine, triphosphate, and ATP which are a vital source for the human body. The vitamins in the tamales improve blood circulation in the body. They help the body to make sex-related hormones in the body.


The tamales are good for the health but you should be aware of some ingredients in the tamales like corn, high in cholesterol, rich in saturated fat which might affect your health if consumed for a long time.



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