How Long To Use Aquaphor After Microblading (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Twice A Day For 6 Days

Microblading is a tattooing technique that is not permanent and is used in the place of eyebrows so that your eyebrows look thick. In other words, Microblading is a process where the eyebrows are tattooed if you are struggling with thin eyebrows.

It fades away over some time as it is not as deep as a normal tattoo. It is more superficial in the skin. This technique is used to maintain the shape of both eyebrows. When you have thick eyebrows on one side and if the other side is thin you can go for Microblading as the thin side will be filled and both eyebrows will look the same.

How Long To Use Aquaphor After Microblading

How Long To Use Aquaphor After Microblading?

After careTime period
Apply AquaphorTwice a day for 6 days
Regular makeup routineYou can start from 7th day
Avoid sun exposureFor 4 weeks

Aquaphor should be used on the treated area two times a day for 6 days. After Microblading one can go for two types of healing. The eyebrow area should be healed properly as they are very sensitive. If you fail to do the aftercare properly you will get burns on your skin. One type of healing is wet healing. Wet healing is nothing but applying a product to the eyebrow area. This is to keep them moisturized. To keep the treated area moisturized we use Aquaphor.

Aquaphor is one of the petroleum jelly products. It is used to prevent dryness, skin irritations, rough skin, and so on. Applying Aquaphor will help in the natural healing process. While applying Aquaphor make sure to apply only a thin layer. Too much of the product application will suffocate the skin. Oxygen is very important for the skin to heal. The discomfort in wet healing is that you have to wash your eyebrows before application of the product.


So make sure to wash your eyebrows with mild soap and then apply Aquaphor. You will have to apply Aquaphor two times a day. During the second application make sure to wash the previously applied layer of Aquaphor on the eyebrows with antibacterial soap or a mild cleanser. If you do not follow this then the first layer you applied will clog your skin and can lead to infections. Aquaphor is safe and does not have any side effects if used properly. After the sixth day of Microblading using Aquaphor is not necessary.

Why Should You Apply Aquaphor For 6 Days After Microblading?

After Microblading, you should take good care of your skin. The eyebrows area is sensitive and you should not hang out in the sun. Application of Aquaphor will help in faster healing of the skin. Aquaphor is applied to prevent itchiness, dryness, and burning sensation. You can go for wet healing or dry healing after Microblading. Wet healing is followed by many.

Dry healing is also effective and simple. It means that you don’t have to apply any products to your skin but that doesn’t mean that you are keeping the entire area dry. This is entirely natural. We are allowing our skin to heal itself. But this is not suitable for all. For some people, the dry method works best. In dry healing, just keeping the treated area clean is enough.

Some might fear that washing the eyebrows may wash out the pigment. That is not true. Both dry healing and wet healing give the same result. You just have to find out which method is best suited for your skin. Another thing one should not do is that over washing the eyebrows. When you wash your eyebrows often the area will become dry.


This dry area will go off quicker and the effects of Microblading will not last long. After the first day, you will have to wash your eyebrows up to 5 times to remove the blood or plasma that might still be sticking on your akin after Microblading. The aftercare routine should be followed properly for faster healing of the skin.


Cosmetic procedures are common these days. Whatever treatments you may undergo make sure to follow the aftercare procedures properly as instructed by your doctors. This will help you to get the desired results. Wet healing is normally better than dry healing as you will not have to worry about damaging your skin.

This method is so common and one need not fear the side effects if the aftercare procedures are met correctly. This method should be repeated every six months or 1 year based on your skin type. It is not permanent and so you will have to visit the clinic periodically.


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