How Long After Nurofen Can I Give Panadol (And Why)?

How Long After Nurofen Can I Give Panadol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 30 minutes

Nurofen’s and Panadols are the brand names of the medications named Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. Nurofen is used to cure pain, inflammation, fever, arthritis, arteries, etc. It shows instant effects within one to two hours of intake. It is a kind of NSAID and is not just anti-inflammatory but even has the potential to stop excessive blood loss by stimulating clotting. It is available as various brand names which have varying dosages and strengths.

It is to be prescribed according to the dosage. Both these medications are extremely helpful if taken in the correct proportion. However, excessive dosage of any medicine can lead to side effects.

How Long After Nurofen Can I Give Panadol

How Long After Nurofen Can I Give Panadol?

Minimum30 minutes
Maximum45 minutes

There are various enzymes present in our body. The amount of enzymes is even regulated by the various organs and glands present in our body. One among them is prostaglandin which is responsible for other symptoms of the body like pain, inflammation, and sickness. Nurofen functions by inhibiting the enzyme which is responsible for the production of prostaglandin. This is how this medication helps to fight against pain and other symptoms across a wide range of diseases.

Excessive usage of Nurofen can lead to other side effects like headache, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, burning sensation of heart and stomach, drowsiness, the ringing sensation of ears, etc. They even reduce the capacity of blood to clot thereby leading to excessive blood loss during injuries. Excessive intake of Nurofen may lead to ulcers in the stomach. Ulcers may further lead to internal bleeding in the stomach. This may even affect the process of excretion thereby making noticeable changes in the excretory products.

These medications are also known to lower down the adequate supply of oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the main key organs of the body such as the kidney. This may lead to further complications like kidney impairment, kidney failure, etc. There are even other more severe symptoms and side effects of Nurofen. Hence, it should be taken only when prescribed by the doctor. Allergic persons should not take these medications as they may lead to other health problems. It is advised to use them according to the dosage and level of pain.


For minor pains, one dosage of about 400mg is enough which should be taken once in 6 hours. For pain due to arthritis, one dosage of about 800mg is enough which should be taken once in 4-5 hours. Children belonging to the age group of 0-13 years should not take this medication. Even adults should not use it continuously for over 15 days.

Why Should I Wait So Long To Give Panadol After Nurofen?

Panadol is even used as a pain killer as a substitute for Nurofen. It contains mainly the composition of Paracetamol. It is used to cure pain, fever, and other symptoms. It should be taken orally as tablets. Various brands with various dosages are available. The dosage and strength of the medication are decided by the condition of the patient. When the medication is used for children, then the correct dosage should be assessed after consultation with a doctor.

For children, this medication is available as liquids which are easy for the child to digest and even shoes instant effects. While taking the tablet form of the medication, one should keep in mind that the medication should not be chewed within the mouth because this may lead to side effects. Adults should not take this medication for more than 10 days while children should not take this medication for about 5 days. On noticing the side effects, one should reach out to the doctor at the earliest.

Excessive usage of this medication may lead to side effects like breathlessness, swelling of facial parts, rashes, and itching on various parts of the body. Before taking the medicine, one should talk to the doctor regarding the health issues which he/she had had in the past. Persons having diarrhea, cardiac diseases, and phenylketonuria should avoid the intake of the medication. Pregnant mothers should even not take this medication. This is a very useful medication but when taken in excess, it may prove to be harmful.


Both these medications can be administered together to the child. There are no possible ways of negative interaction between the two medications. But it is best to maintain a minimum time gap of 30 minutes. No reactions and negative interactions have been noticed yet. But, sticking to the safe side, one should take it only after proper consultation with the doctor.


Both Nurofen and Panadol are used specifically for children in small dosages. But, there are certain conditions under which these medications should be taken together. One of them is during fever. They can treat sickness and fever in children thereby elevating pain. The other condition is when the child is in pain. These medications work hand in hand to relieve the child of uneasiness and pain. These medications should be used alternatively in such cases by maintaining the proper time gap.

Both these medications take at least 30 minutes to show effect. If the baby or the child still feels uncomfortable even after proper medication, then medication should be stopped immediately and a doctor should be consulted.


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