How Long do Dabs Stay in Your System – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 days

Dabs are also known as butane hash oil, shatter, wax, honey oil, and budder. Dabs is a high concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol extract which is the most psychoactive compound of marijuana.

The product is brownish-green in color and features a thick consistency which gives a hot candle wax look. This product is often smoked using a modified bong or water pipe. Furthermore, dabs induce powerful high feelings within no time.

In this article, we shall discuss how long do dabs stay in your system and why.

How Long do Dabs Stay in Your System

How long do dabs stay in your system?

THC Level Lab TestTime Taken to Detect
Saliva3 days
Urine3 days
Hair90 days

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the most active compound in dabs. This compound is a fat-soluble molecule. When inhaled, it is retained in your organs fat tissues such as the heart, brain, liver, and lungs.

It is said to remain in your system for approximately four weeks. The same with smoking marijuana, the duration in which it will remain in your system will depend on the levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC.

Furthermore, the frequency upon which you use dabs will affect the duration which it will remain in your system. The volume inhaled, and the method of consumption will profoundly affect the duration in which dabs will remain in your system.

You might conduct various tests to check THC presence in your system. Urine, hair, and saliva are among the standard experiments carried out to detect THC presence in your system.

Urinalysis is often used since it is affordable and easy to carry out. When concentration is above 50ng/ml, the test will be considered positive; however, 20ng/ml is often the cut-off point in many laboratories.

For small content of THC it can be detected in the urine and saliva within 24 hours. For the hair test, small content of THC can be detected within the first 30 days after use.

Why do dabs stay for long in your system?

As previously mentioned, dab contains high levels of THC, which is often absorbed by the fat tissues of your organs. Our body usually takes longer to get rid of fat-soluble compounds since they are often absorbed by most of the major organs.

Furthermore, the volume, frequency, and method of consumption will profoundly affect the time taken to get rid of THC in your system.

How can you get rid of THC in your system faster?

You might want to get rid of dabs THC in your system faster because of one reason or the other. In that case here are some aspects you might consider to get rid of dabs more quickly from your system;


Drinking plenty of water is considered to be one of the fastest methods to get rid of dabs in your system. This will help you pass the urinalysis drug test easily.


Exercising is the best way of improving metabolism and accelerating the detoxification process naturally. This process will help you break down fat cells where most THC has been stored.


Taking two to four aspirin approximately four to six hours before undergoing a drug test will help absorb THC chemical in your body and excrete it via urine.


You should note that using dabs is considered to be dangerous. Staying away from the drug is highly recommended.

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