How Many Cars Does An Average Person Own In A Lifetime (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8 to 9 cars

With the growing modern world, cars have become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. It may be an upper-middle-class human, or a higher-class person, in current times everyone owns a car. And, from time to time and person to person the legitimacy and usefulness, both decide how many car ones prefer owning in their lifetime.



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It is specifically quite normal to keep a track of the running world and have your hands on the updated version of the car available. And, this becomes one of the most important reasons, to own a specific number of cars in a lifetime. And, this number simply varies from person to person, place to place, and obviously, time to time.

How Many Cars Does An Average Person Own In A Lifetime

How Many Cars Does An Average Person Own In A Lifetime?

Maximum cars an average person own in a lifetime12
Minimum cars an average person own in a lifetime6

It may sound like a lot in numbers but if we keep track of the reports, then it’s found that an average man usually owns 8 to 9 cars in his or her lifetime. The number may vary a little from a maximum number of 12 to at least 6 cars with person to person, but it’s the only fact. After a lot of studies and researches taking several countries around the whole world, the number fluctuates sometimes, between 4 to 6 in the least and sometimes easily crosses the maximum number.

Usually, people buy cars for personal use and with the growing generation, everyone wants to own a car in the family. But, it’s not every time people buy for personal use, and they sometimes buy for a commercial purpose also. When this commercial purpose comes into play, then the number increases to the maximum number, and sometimes much more than that too. It’s not that quite normal to predict how many cars, one can buy in his lifetime, as one can buy the much amount of car one wants. Like, the richer man can get a lot of them and an economic person would hesitate a little to go on and on. Like, some people manage to cover up their whole life within two to three cars.

But taking the maximum number into the eye and taking an average out of it, nine is the maximum amount of car one average person buys in his lifetime.

Why Does An Average Person Own So Many Cars In A Lifetime?

One of the first and foremost reasons for buying cars always has been that it must be a needed one. The person must have some commercial intention behind it with the cars, with which they must have intended to come out with a cab company and for which they are needed for this amount of car to fulfill the want. Hence, it’s quite an obvious reason to get that much amount of car.

One also buys a car to maintain his/her lavish lifestyle. To keep his/her face value up and have a better reason for the people, to talk about. Some people also like to maintain a high standard of living and some people have a wish to have a car collection, designed stylish and new version cars. Thus from both these views, it’s that obvious reason to jump into this, owning a lot of cars list.

As nowadays, a lot of secondary obstacles are coming up, and they are being the reason for the degrading of the quality of the car. In a nutshell, it can be said as technical glitches and also mechanical issues. This could be another reason, why one has to buy a car with a frequent gap to remain the way he/she lives their life.

In the current times, in a family, everyone wants to get their ride whenever they have a need. Different people have to travel at different times and it’s quite necessary to have a car when needed. And, this could be another reason for which they buy as many cars, the family members need to have. And, these sufficing needs are the unavoidable reasons, why a person buys these number of cars in his whole lifetime.


In economic terms, the car is never included in the necessity items. But, with the modernizing world, and with these growing needs, a person has to own these number of cars in his lifetime. With a minimum amount of six cars to almost a maximum amount of twelve cars, the amount swings within. The longevity of the chassis and the economic standards of the person may however affect this above number, but in a study done by the American researchers, nine is the average which comes out, following the study from a lot of people.

And, it’s not that difficult to predict that, with the high standard of living and the growing population and technology, this maximum number might get displaced with another bigger number, within a very short span of time.


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