How Many Hours Does A Average Person Work (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8.3 Hours per Day

People across the world work for their livelihood. Almost all adults, irrespective of gender, work in one way or another to live a steady life in society. However, adults take care of children as they cannot work.  It requires proper growth and maturity to function in society. There are different roles for us to do.

A person who is a doctor treats the people who are ill. Or a farmer will do farming to feed us. Although the roles we play are different, we get money for our work at some or other time. This money we will use to spend on various needs like food, clothes, etc.

How Many Hours Does A Average Person Work

How Many Hours Does A Average Person Work?

A person’s working hours may vary depending on factors like the country in which he is working, the company he is working for, the type of work, etc. Most countries have laws in which it is legal to employ a workforce of age greater than 18. The crew across the world is of the age group 18-65.

It is also evident that many countries only don’t allow the companies to force them to work beyond 52 hours a week. However, this estimate may vary from country to country. It is illegal to employ children in dangerous jobs in many countries. The maximum limit of a person to work varies from person to person. It depends on the state of mind, the type of work, and the pay.

In the olden days, women were paid less than men for equal work. Thanks to many revolutions and protests, now they were paid equal to that of men. However, there are some places where women get less pay. Although women earn equally with men, there is a lot of unpaid work which women do. It includes household chores, taking care of children.

Household activities are the work that women don’t get paid. Women spent 2.6 hours on these unpaid activities, while men spent only 2 hours per day. This ratio is even worse in underdeveloped countries. The amount of work depends on the education qualifications too. Recent studies show that with more qualifications, you can get a job quickly, and the amount of work will be limited.

GenderWorking Hours
Male8.2 Hours
Female7.9 Hours

Why Does A Average Person Work That Long?

If we do anything excessively, then it might harm us in one or another way. When we work continuously for more hours, our body gets too tired, and it needs to take a rest. That is the reason why most of the companies give short breaks between work to get refreshed. As we can see, a person may feel exhausted if he works for nearly 12 hours.

However, it all depends upon the habit of doing work. That is to say, if a person works for two hours on the first day, he may feel tired, but after it becomes a daily task, then it might become a habit for him, and he no longer feels tired. It is a time taking process to get used to the job.

If the working hours are more than 12 hours per day, then it may lead to severe health issues in the long run. It may lead to sleep-related problems, cardiac diseases and many more. This is the reason why every government put certain limits on working hours. The companies should follow these rules to maintain a good workforce.

But many employers force their workers to work more than the specified limit to obtain more profits. It severely affects their health, as warned by many doctors. So it is necessary to avoid too much burden on your heads if you have loads of work. As women do most of the household work, they will get quickly exhausted from the job done.


According to Forbes, the millennials are the ones with heavy work. On average, a young adult works between 48-50 hours a week. Millennials are the young and energetic age group at present. The work hours of older people are also not less, and they can also get tired quickly.

The working hours should be within limits prescribed by the government to ensure the overall health and happy family life of an employee. The work done by every individual is different so that we can not compare any two professions. The work done by each person should be considered from his perspective.


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