How Long After The Old Testament Was Jesus Born (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Between Six And Four BC

The Old Testament, which is abbreviated as The OT by many, is the first of the two religious Christian biblical canon divisions. The Old Testament is comprised of multiple books. Twenty-four books of Tanakh or Hebrew Bible and multiple collections of the ancient religious Hebrew writing are known for making up The OT. All these writings are written in Israelites.



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The second division of the holy Christian biblical canon is known as The New Testament. Many authors write the OT, and it has been modified over the centuries. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament are considered holy by the people belonging to the Christian community.

How Long After The Old Testament Was Jesus Born?

The Old Testament contains more than eighty books. Around forty are protestants, forty-five are for the catholic community, and multiple orthodox books are also included in The Old Testament. Many prophets have written these books, and they present the ideas and views of Jesus Christ on various prospects. The original language in which all the books of The Old Testament are written in Hebrew. However, its multiple versions are also available in different languages for Jesus’s disciples to read and understand his views. It contains the entire history and also gives knowledge about the life of Jesus.

The five books of Moses are the most valuable and are most preached in all the books of The Old Testament. The first of these five books are known as Genesis; the second one is Exodus, Leviticus, and the book of numbers is the third and fourth. The fifth and final book is named Deuteronomy. These five books are considered of prime importance and give valuable thoughts about life. Multiple other books are also considered very important.

Events Of Jesus’s LifeTime Relative To The Old Testament
Birth of JesusBetween six and four BC
Death of JesusBetween thirty and thirty-six AD

The birth of Jesus is not concretely known to many people, but it is believed that he was born somewhere between six and four BC. His preachings started in around twenty-five AD, and according to this, he must have died somewhere between thirty and thirty-six AD.

Why Did It Took That Long After The Old Testament For Jesus To Get Born?

It is believed in all the religious books that God created this world, and it is according to his desire as to what transpires on the earth. The Old Testament also believes the same, but it doesn’t say that there is only one god; instead, its writings describe everything about the god whom the people of Israel should worship. Jesus is worshipped as the ultimate god, and it is believed that he sacrificed his life for the sake of his disciples. Some writings also say that Jesus is still present with us in some form.

There were no eyewitnesses who can confirm when exactly Jesus was born. But according to some people, he was born around four BC. Many people said that Jesus’s birth should be his beginning. But religious preachers believed that he was present in human form before that; that’s why he is considered born between six and four BC. All his disciples said that Jesus is eternal and whatever he says is the ultimate truth. After he was crucified, many felt that he would soon take a rebirth and come between his people to help them fight the evils.

However, there is no evidence of Jesus getting reborn. Hence, people started writing books based on his ideology to be preserved and passed on to the upcoming generations. At present, multiple books convey Jesus’s message to his preachers.


Finally, it can be concluded that The Old Testament comprises multiple holy books that serve the ideology of Jesus Christ and is considered holy by all Christian communities. The original language of all the books is Hebrew. The Old Testament is the first part, and The New Testament is the second part of the Christian biblical canon.

It is believed that he was born somewhere between six and four BC and was always present in human form between his disciples. His disciples preached him like a god, and his words were considered the ultimate truth. After Jesus was crucified, his preachers worshipped his dead body and believed that he would soon return in some other form.


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