NFL Draft Pick Value Calculator

NFL Draft Pick Value Calculator

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    In the world of American football, the NFL (National Football League) Draft is a crucial event. Each year, NFL teams select college players to join their rosters, and the order in which teams make their selections is determined by their previous season’s performance. The NFL Draft Pick Value Calculator is a tool that plays a significant role in this process.

    Concept of the NFL Draft Pick Value Calculator

    The NFL Draft Pick Value Calculator is a mathematical model that assigns a numerical value to each pick in the NFL Draft. This value helps teams make informed decisions about trading their draft picks or making selections. The concept behind this tool is to establish a fair and equitable way to evaluate the worth of draft picks, considering that higher picks are more valuable than lower ones.

    Related Formulas

    Several formulas are at the core of the NFL Draft Pick Value Calculator:

    1. Jimmy Johnson’s Trade Value Chart (1989): The foundation of many modern draft value charts, this formula assigns a point value to each draft pick. The first overall pick is valued at 3,000 points, and subsequent picks decrease in value.
    2. Value of a Draft Pick: The value of a draft pick can be calculated as the sum of the point values of all the picks that would need to be traded to acquire it. For example, to acquire the 5th overall pick (valued at 1,700 points), a team would need to trade picks worth a total of 1,700 points or more.
    3. Relative Value: This formula calculates the relative value of a draft pick compared to the first overall pick. It is used to assess whether a trade is fair. To calculate the relative value, divide the value of the pick by the value of the first overall pick.

    Example Calculations

    Let’s illustrate how the NFL Draft Pick Value Calculator works with a few example calculations:

    Example 1: Trading Up

    Suppose a team holds the 15th overall pick (valued at 1,050 points) and wants to trade up to the 8th overall pick (valued at 1,400 points). To do this, they would need to give up picks worth at least 1,400 points. They could offer their 15th overall pick (1,050 points), a second-round pick (around 400 points), and a fourth-round pick (around 100 points), totaling 1,550 points. This would be a fair trade based on the calculator.

    Example 2: Trading Down

    Conversely, if a team with the 8th overall pick (valued at 1,400 points) decides to trade down to the 15th overall pick (valued at 1,050 points), they would acquire additional picks worth at least 1,400 points. This could involve trading down and receiving a second and fourth-round pick from another team.

    Real-World Use Cases

    The NFL Draft Pick Value Calculator finds practical applications in various real-world scenarios within the NFL:

    Draft-Day Trades

    On draft day, NFL teams engage in trades to acquire or relinquish picks. The calculator serves as a valuable tool in negotiating these trades, ensuring fairness and equitable exchange of draft capital.

    Player Valuation

    Teams use the calculator to assess the potential value of a player they intend to draft. It helps them determine whether they should trade up to secure a highly-rated prospect or trade down to acquire additional picks.

    Strategic Planning

    General managers and coaches employ the calculator to strategize their draft approach. It aids in decision-making regarding which picks to target and whether to accumulate more picks for future drafts.

    Fan Engagement

    The calculator adds an extra layer of excitement for NFL fans during the draft. It allows fans to evaluate trade scenarios and understand the impact of each selection on their favorite team’s future.


    The NFL Draft Pick Value Calculator is a crucial tool that enhances the fairness and efficiency of the NFL Draft process. By assigning numerical values to draft picks, it enables teams to make informed decisions, negotiate trades, and strategically plan their player selections. This concept, along with the related formulas, provides a structured approach to assessing the value of draft picks. In the dynamic and competitive world of the NFL, this tool remains indispensable for teams, fans, and anyone interested in the annual spectacle of the NFL Draft.


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