How Long After A First Date Should A Guy Text (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 hours

Many people get nervous about their first date. The first date is the beginning of a relationship. Texting after the first date should be done within the correct time period. If someone would skip texting after the date, then it may affect the relationship.

It is always safe to text the person within 24 hours after the first date is over. The person can simply drop a thank you text to the other person for their time. It’s important to know what the other person thinks about you after the first date.

How Long After A First Date Should A Guy


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How Long After A First Date Should A Guy Text?

Texting After A First DateHow Long After A First Date Should A Guy Text
Minimum texting time12 hours
Maximum texting time24 hours

Communication is the way to a successful and healthy relationship. The first date is the best way to know your partner in a better manner. The person should choose the right place for the first date. Both the partners have to be comfortable during the first date.

Many people get perplexed about when to text the other partner after the first date. Some people think texting after 1 to 2 days would be good. This is not right as every guy after the first date should text his partner within 12 to 24 hours.

This would make his partner know that the guy is quite serious about her. If someone skips texting on time, then his partner may start taking it negatively. Some people start texting within a few minutes after the first date.

Texting too early could be a problem as the person should get some time to think about the guy. Sometimes, it depends on the partner’s nature and preferences. Some women or girls admire it when the guys text very early.

There are some women who love to be in their space and would take some time to analyze everything. The type of message someone wants to send would also affect the time length. If it is a thank you message, then the guy should text it within a few hours.

If the guy wants to check if his partner reached safely or not, then texting in a few minutes would do. Every guy should drop the thank you message within 24 hours to make the girl feel special about her presence.

Why Should A Guy Text This Long After A First Date?

The texting time after the first date is around 24 hours. The person should not take much time to thank his partner. A thank you message after 24 hours would not be of any value. As the partner may have stopped thinking about the date.

If it is about a second date, then the person can take more time, but not beyond 48 hours. There are many types of texts that a guy may send to his partner after the first date. For example, if someone is dating his best friend, then the guy can text within 3 to 4 hours.

On the other hand, if the guy is dating someone not known to him for years, then texting time could be around 24 hours. The most appropriate course of time is to text the partner in 4 to 8 hours. Always remember to not text too early or late after the first date.

The only time a guy should not text the girl within 1 day is if the girl has mentioned some personal events happening the next day.


Everyone should look for the correct time to send the text message. No partner should avoid the message if received by the other partner. Replying to the text within the day is vital.

A guy should text a normal thank you message without being too cheesy after the first date to make a good impression. It’s always important to text messages after observing how the woman is by nature.

The first date would make a huge impact on how the girl or woman would respond to the guy. Therefore, organizing a good place and making your partner feel comfortable is pivotal.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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