How Long A Man Eats When You Teach To Fish (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Forever

It’s an old Chinese proverb. But some people also say that this phrase is at least 120 years old, as it appears in a late-nineteenth-century novel. The saying was written down by a writer named Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie in her novel Mrs. Dymond, which was published in 1885.



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It’s simple to figure out what a phrase means. Their roots, on the other hand, are a different story; often it’s impossible to tell how or where a saying came from. If this occurs, there might be a clarification on the website about how the saying came to be. In this article, we are going to discuss the meaning of this phrase.

How Long A Man Eats When You Teach To Fish

How Long A Man Eats When You Teach To Fish?

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The answer to this question is forever. This saying exemplifies the use of teaching with a realistic application in life. Giving a hungry man a fish would satisfy him for a day. However, if he is taught to fish, he will pursue fishing as a profession and live a happy life. If we want to support a guy, we should teach him a trade or assist him in finding work rather than handing him money, because the money we offer him will only last him a short time. That simple statement contains a valuable life lesson.

Some people interpret it this way: “The most important thing you can offer someone to improve his circumstances is education. Of course, it’s not as catchy, but it gets to the heart of the matter far more than restricting the aphorism’s significance to conventional charity. If you stick with the education translation, you’re just talking about how to improve the quality of living in third-world countries, which is significant but far from the only challenge that people face.

The idea is simply irresistible. It believes that given the opportunity, people will improve their own lives, and it reassures us that the only thing standing in the way of a more fair world is a tiny opportunity for example a work interview, a sharp suit, a tax cut. Of course, it’s a belief I’ve bought into, and one in which I agree in many ways: one of the cruelest aspects of poverty is how it deprives the poor of their dignity.

Why Does A Man Take This Long To Eat When You Teach To Fish?

This proverb means that teaching someone a useful skill is more effective in the long run than temporarily fulfilling a need for them. Giving a hungry man a fish, for example, will satisfy his hunger for a short period. Instead, if the man could learn to fish, he would be able to feed himself whenever he was hungry. That is to say, he is free to catch a fish whenever he wishes. The adage is essential for a company’s survival.

Let’s say a coworker approaches you with a request for information that they could easily gather if they are given the proper training and have the requisite skill set. You decide to send them the knowledge instead of trying to show them how to gather it because you believe it would be simpler and easier. You’ve presented him with a fish.

Sure, you were able to assist the individual at the time by solving their dilemma, but you wasted time. You were completely unsuccessful. They will be able to work forever on their own without any huddles and it will help. It also helps the organization. But if you let them find the solution on their own not only their productivity improves but you also shape their skills. So it’s the reason why if you teach a man to fish he will eat forever.


Teaching others how to do something rather than doing it for them may be more effective in the long run. Take the time to find a friend who will assist you with learning the next time you’re learning a new task or practice that no one else has done before. They will learn alongside you as you develop your new ability. They should share the responsibility of understanding how the process works. You’re creating relationships in the process, which is essential. You’re even instructing them about how to catch fish.


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