How Long To Wait After PGCE Interview (And Why)?

How Long To Wait After PGCE Interview (And Why)?

Exact Answer: up to 2 weeks

The Post Graduate Certificate in Education or PGCE is a course that is dedicated to the training and grooming of prospective teachers. Students enrolling in this certificate course aim to attain a QTS or Qualified Teacher Status in the UK, in order to be deemed eligible for teaching in the educational establishments of the country.

The entire process of applying for PGCE is quite detailed and multilayered. Each candidate must undergo a rigorous and grueling interview process to be finally selected in the teaching course, favorably with the provider of his or her choice. After the interview, the candidate is notified about the status of his or her application.

How Long To Wait After PGCE Interview

How Long To Wait After PGCE Interview?

Applying for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education is a long process. The enrollment procedure is multidimensional and interviewers place a number of hurdles in the path of the candidate. Successfully navigating one’s journey through this obstacle course becomes symbolic of the teaching mettle the candidate possesses.

Usually, candidates who apply for the PGCE course have to wait for an interview notification from the various course providers and universities that they have submitted their applications to. This in itself can be a long waiting period. After the interview is scheduled, the candidate must work towards creating a strong impression on the interviewer by focusing on developing skills that will be tested during the interview process.

Generally, after the interview is completed, prospective PGCE candidates can expect to hear back within an average time window of 2 weeks. This is not a definitive time frame for waiting, but most students who have been successful in their interviews hear back within the first two weeks.

However, there have also been cases where the candidate hears back from the course provider within a couple of days after the interview. Some also heard back as soon as the interview ended.

Alternatively, there are instances when even if the outcome is favorable, the candidate takes longer to hear back from the course provider. Sometimes this waiting period can extend up to a month. However, if it extends any further, chances are that you have not been selected for the PGCE course. As the days pass by, the possibility of a favorable result becomes bleaker.

PGCE Interview

In summary:

Interview OutcomeTime Frame of Waiting
SuccessfulWithin a few days to 2 weeks after the interview
Not SuccessfulMore than a month after the interview

Why Do You Have To Wait So Long After The PGCE Interview?

PGCE interviewers are very skeptical about the selection of candidates for their programs. They wish to enroll only those candidates who have an astute sense of diligence and passion for teaching. During the interview process, they try to gauge these very qualities in a candidate.

If the candidate is able to impress the interviewing panel not only during the personal interview but also during the group discussion phase, then the chances of the candidate being selected instantaneously are quite high. The panel is looking for candidates who can uphold the integrity of the course they are offering. Thus, they evaluate candidates thoroughly, even after the interview is over.

Retrospective selection takes time for those who were impressive during the interview but had some shortcomings. The panel must then decide whether they can overlook these shortcomings and select the candidate or reject him. This takes about 2 weeks

PGCE Interview

Moreover, sometimes the email notification sent by the course provider may be lost due to a technical glitch or maybe a clerical error. The office may simply misplace a selection letter and this can also contribute to an unnecessary delay in the process.

However, if the candidate feels that his letter is taking longer than expected, then maybe his interview was not as impressive as he would have liked it to be. In such cases, the chances are that the candidate has not been selected for the course. It is best to then concentrate on the other avenues available for pursuit. If the letter of acceptance does not arrive within a month of the interview, it implies an unfortunate rejection.


Applying for a teaching position in the UK is quite an arduous task. One needs to secure a QTS by passing the PGCE course. Enrollment into the course is difficult and the university course providers only take candidates who can impress them during the interview process. The interview becomes the definitive moment for each prospective candidate.

Usually, a candidate is notified about the review of his or her interview performance within a couple of weeks. Sometimes candidates may be notified earlier than this standard benchmark, at other times it is possible that they are notified a little after this average timeframe has been exhausted.


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  1. The waiting period may be long, but it’s all part of the process to ensure that only the most dedicated and passionate candidates are selected for the PGCE program.

  2. The thorough and meticulous selection process for the PGCE course ensures that only the most deserving candidates are chosen to become future educators.

  3. Patience is key when waiting for the outcome of the PGCE interview. The detailed selection process is a reflection of the high standards upheld for prospective educators.

  4. The lengthy waiting period after the interview illustrates the thoroughness of the selection process.

  5. Avatar of Stephen Marshall
    Stephen Marshall

    The emphasis on carefully selecting candidates for the PGCE course is a positive aspect that ensures the highest quality of educators.

  6. While the wait after the PGCE interview can be long, it underlines the significance of the decision and the dedication required for the teaching profession.

    1. Absolutely! The wait is long, but it’s a testament to the dedication required for the profession.

  7. The approach of PGCE interviewers is very meticulous and understandable given the importance of their role in shaping future educators.

  8. The waiting time after the PGCE interview can be nerve-wracking, but it’s a necessary part of the process to ensure quality candidates are chosen.

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