How Long After Levy Brief To Get Orders (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within 5 business days

A levy brief is a meeting that is mostly held to provide guidance and important information to the members of the army of the country. This meeting plays a very important role to undergo military personnel from one place or station to another. Once a soldier has transferred all the orders, a levy brief is then scheduled or fixed just within thirty days.

Now, while scheduling a levy brief meeting there is no mention of date and time with the orders, the soldier is bound to contact the levy section and make everything detailed. He should contact the levy section with no delay as it causes him trouble.

How Long After Levy Brief To Get Orders

How Long After Levy Brief To Get Orders?

How long after levy brief to get orders in the USA?5 business days
In case there is no mention of date and time30 days

The time frame of a levy brief to get orders is very straight forward the soldier simply needs to get it done before thirty days after his or her transfer to the new force unit. Each military base in the US has its levy brief agenda. The levy brief meetings cover topics such as the strategies, moving possessions, flight timing, utility notifications that include telephones, cable lines, gas, water, and a few more. If school-going children are involved in exiting the paperwork from the old or previous school and the arrangements for entering to the new or the selected school will also be covered in the levy brief meeting.

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There are few considerations of a levy brief of which the soldier needs to follow and obey. Spouses and children above the age of eighteen are compulsory and necessary to attend the levy brief meeting whenever it is held. When the meeting is conducted one needs to bring the recent civilian medical records for a hassle-free meeting. But, that is not the same for the children who have to attend the meeting.

The non-medical evaluation of the school-age children for example IEP which stands for Individual Education Plan should be brought during the meeting.

Why Does It Take That Long After Levy Brief To Get Orders?

It normally takes just five business days and just before that you will be receiving PCS Orders. These PCS orders are sent from the military office to complete the levy packet from your S-1. Then after all the process is completed and finished the orders are then sent to the soldier and the BDE S-1 mailbox and then the orders are then expressed in code.

PCS here means Permanent Change of Station. Once the soldier has the Permanent Change Station orders in hand he has to follow some steps to move forward with it.

He needs to set up a meeting with the base transportation office- This will greatly depend on the service branch of the soldier, below are some of the name of the branches where a soldier might be working for :

  1. Department of Defence
  2. Air Force
  3. Coast Guard
  4. Army Force
  5. Navy and Marine Police

Contact with the family center at your new chosen location- Family centers offer relocation assistance programs that include the moving information to your family and the soldier. Here, you may ask questions and learn about your new community and neighbors and what it offers.

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If you are staying in government quarters, notify the housing office of your moving date- Notify the housing officer about your moving date for at least ten days early. Also, make sure that you clean your home before you move out of the place.


Levy brief orders are very important for the US soldier who is moving to a new place. It becomes easier for the soldier to know the working environment of where he or she is being moved to. But, before doing so one needs to go through a long process and it takes a little time.

It is always better to know all the processes and procedures before making such a decision and it is very important to be ready before taking such a huge decision in life. It is important that you know all the procedures so that it becomes easier for you.


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