How Long Does No Man’s Sky Take to Complete (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Hours to 585 billion years

No Man’s Sky is a video game that probes the limits of our infinite universe. It was ideated and developed by the reputed company Hello Games in 2016. This one-of-a-kind video game offers players a chance to wander through the infinite universe with its multitude of galaxies and plethora of planets.



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This open universe game was created by Sean Murray and his talented team around the tenets of ‘procedural generation’. This designing principle refers to the phenomena of creating the environment of the game as the player progresses through it. Marketed as a perpetual gaming experience, the game has gained a loyal fan base within its short span of existence.

How Long Does No Mans Sky Take to Complete

How Long Does No Man’s Sky Take to Complete

No Man’s Sky was published as a never-ending gaming experience by the creators. The design module of the game states that it takes 585 billion years to complete the entire game. Exploring the multiverse and its constituent elements coupled with the other adventures of the game is responsible for the almost impossible time frame of its completion.

The USP of the game was grounded in its novel design. Initially, the creator of the game, Sean Murray had ideated it as a 40 to 100-hour long game. However, during its release, two years later, the horizons of the game had been further expanded to stretch over 585 billion years.

The hype around the game was based on its claims of an unhindered and perpetual gaming experience. However, the ‘warp jumping’ feature, discovered by some gamers allowed them to complete the game in merely 30 hours. This coveted ‘warp jumping’ feature carries the player to the center of the universe without spending time playing the other parts of the game or exploring the alternative galaxies.

Thus, for the speedy racer, the game can be completed within merely a day and a half. However, one must also note that to complete the game within such record time frames would require the gamer to be extremely fortunate so as to thrive in the in-game economy by selling resources for mammoth profits. These circumstantial fortunes are needed to propel the player towards the center of the game to complete the game within a record time.

In Summary:

Warp JumpingTime Needed to Complete the Game
Without Warp Jumping585 billion years
With Warp Jumping30 hours

Why Does No Man’s Sky Take That Long to Complete?

The gamer needs to travel through almost 18 quintillion planets to complete the game. Exploring all these planets to complete the game would take 585 years. As a space explorer, the gamer wakes up with a loss of memory about the preceding events. The game then introduces a survival instinct among the players who need to navigate through the galaxies by intense performing intense combative missions.

No Man’s Sky is based on the designing principle of ‘procedural generation’, which creates the reality of the player as he/she navigates through the layers of the game. The game tests the ability of the player to form alliances with like-minded explorers to solve the mysteries of the universe.

The ‘open world’ format of the game makes it impossible to complete it within a marginal time frame. The main adventure trail is lined with several potential sidetracks for the players to explore. This contributes to the length of the game.

The lack of an official storyline allows players to forge their own gaming trajectories. No Man’s Sky facilitates the exploration of hitherto unseen worlds, making the game almost impossible to complete within the span of human existence.

However, few players have secured the possibility of finding loopholes in the design of the game. The so-called ‘warp jumping’ feature allows few lucky gamers to propel themselves right to the center. This feature is constituted with a set of conjoined fortunes that one needs to secure during the course of the game. Nevertheless, for most, this possibility remains bleak at best.


No Man’s Sky exemplifies the ambitions of the gaming world to expand the horizons of existing designs to achieve unparalleled accolades on a global platform. The expansive VR experience secured by the game stands unrivaled in the gaming industry.

The responsibility of exploring this colossal world is helmed by the players. Their astute capabilities to navigate through the layers of the game will determine its ability to deliver on the promise of curating ‘a never-ending reality’.

The outer limits of this ingenious game have not been revealed even to its creator. As a reflection of our infinite universe, this game truly represents a step in the direction of integrating new technologies to develop novel experiences for the users.


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