How Long After 5 cm Dilated (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 30 minutes

The cervix is part of the uterus positioned between the uterus and vagina from where the baby came out during delivery. This process of opening the cervix during delivery is called cervical dilation. Cervix opening (dilating) is one way that healthcare staff could trace how a woman’s labor is improving. The cervix opens during the labor through which the passage of the baby’s head enters the vagina. To accommodate the baby’s head it should dilate around 10 centimeters (cm) for most term babies.

If the cervix of the pregnant lady is dilated with regular and painful contractions then it’s a sign of active labor. Soon after a few minutes, she is getting closer to delivering the baby.

How Long After 5 cm Dilated

How Long After 5 cm Dilated?

In normal cases30 minutes
In critical cases requiring surgery2 hours

Medically the first phase of labor is divided into two phases: one is the latent phase and another is the active phase. The first stage of labor is the latent phase. It can be considered the waiting phase of labor. For first-time mothers, it can take a bit more time to move through the latent phase of labor. This phase takes the longest time during the whole labor period. In general, the latent stage didn’t consist of many regular or strong contractions. In this phase, the cervix is preparing for the main event by softening and shortening itself.

It’s a reasonable idea to have something to consume and drink during this phase. Because you’ll need a lot of energy during the whole procedure of labor. Medically the first phase of labor is divided into two phases: one is the latent phase and another is the active phase. During this early stage try to do Breathing exercises, massage, and having a warm bath or shower this may be helpful to ease out the pain.

Once the cervix dilates around 5 to 6 cm then the pregnant woman is considered to be in the active stage of labor. At this phase, the contractions begin to get longer, stronger, and the baby is way out of the womb. The active stage of labor is defined by the number of regular cervical dilation per hour. The regular rate of cervix openings is more expected by your doctor during this active stage. This active stage may be painful for many women.

Why Does It Take So Long After 5cm Dilation?

Most pregnant women must wonder how long their labor will be. By browsing about the stages of labor and the total time of labor to complete and many things related to labor. They might also wonder: how long does it take to dilate the cervix from 4cm to 10cm? The duration from the onset of active labor to the period when the cervix is fully open or 10cm dilated is calculated as the length of the labor. This has to be one of the tough questions to answer because we are talking about labor and birth.

It’s difficult to specify exactly how long labor will last, as every woman experiences a unique labor pain period. Experts say that everyone is having a different dilation rate and the labor period will be different for each one. Some research says active labor lasts for 8-12 hours for the firstborn baby and is unlikely to last for more than 18 hours.

For the second or subsequent baby, active labor takes a shorter time than the first. And It is around 5 hours of active labor for a second or subsequent baby. and unlikely to last for more than 12 hours. Some labors are much shorter, and some will last much longer. It’s not susceptible to specify the average total duration of labor. 

Many factors can impact the progression of labor:  The labor for the first baby is generally longer than the subsequent one. If you’ve had a history of quick labor before, then the chance of getting quick labor again is more.


Labor is the process where the fetus along with the placenta comes out of the uterus. Delivery can be through the birth canal or vaginally or by a cesarean method. It’s not always correct to assume what others say about dilation time or conversation regarding pregnancy. Everyone is having a different experience.

Don’t trust others’ experiences to focus on your body and how incredibly your body is doing wonders. Your journey to give birth to your baby would be a different one. As your body is going for a new and positive change so it’s doing everything that it should have to do.


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