How Long After Waxing Can You Exfoliate (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 24-72 hours

Waxing and exfoliate are two types of skincare methods followed by teenagers. Waxing is the process of removal of unwanted hairs from the body applying wax and peeling the wax along with the unwanted hairs. Due to which the unwanted hairs in the body or face are removed and it looks attractive and soft.

Similarly, exfoliation is also a method of removal of dead cells from the body. Where they use a scrub method or apply water on the skin, an awesome natural scrub method made at home is used for removal. but after waxing, exfoliation is prohibited and the reason is after the process of waxing, the skin used to be softer than before due to moisturization which may get damaged due to scrubbing.

How Long After Waxing Can You

How Long After Waxing Can You Exfoliate?

Exfoliation after waxing24 hours
Time is taken for waxing30 minutes

Exfoliation is significant as it removes the traces of dead cells from the skin. Hence, it brings new cells to the surface thereby adding a glow to the skin. Waxing is even necessary. Waxing removes the dead cells from the deep corners of the skin. It also removes the hairs thereby cleansing the area. Both of them should be done properly maintaining the minimum time gap.

Before talking in detail, we should know that waxing is most probably opted by girls, and the teenage boys two look more attractive. Nowadays, waxing in parlors in salons costs more than having a haircut. It’s the most demanded skincare method in today’s era. taking fashion into knowledge we are preferring walks in and exfoliation using chemicals but there are also several natural methods.


A minimum of 24 hours is needed by the skin to create a healing layer that could protect the skin from infection, dust, and UV rays Which gives a dark layer to the skin. If the skin is more sensitive then after waxing chemically or naturally a difference of 48 to 72 hours is required. This is because the skin takes relatively more time to heal. It even has to coordinate and take the permission of the other layer of the skin.

After waxing, we can notice that the skin has become more sensitive than the previous one. But after that, it needs a certain period to get a healing layer upon the skin. After the process is being held we apply moisturizer to our skin to get a protected layer.

Why Can You Exfoliate So Long After Waxing?

Before discussing further, we should keep in mind that, we all know that due to the climatic factors that are temperature and weather conditions, these seasonal changes make our skin hard and that our skin can tolerate all these factors. So our skin is normally found to be hard before waxing. So whenever we compare between those pre and post-waxing skins we find that the roughness is more before the phase.

We all have noticed that exfoliation is a hard process in which the skin is scrubbed roughly to move the dead cell particles. So as we have learned that after waxing the skin becomes soft and sensitive, keeping that in mind we can’t go for an exfoliation just after waxing. because it damages the skin and may also create an infection.

During the taken time. For exfoliation after waxing then healing is clear, which is the moisturized leader or the oil layer which consists of fatty acids which give us the soft texture of the skin and a protected layer that will not get easily damaged or rough due to exfoliation. Its work is to protect the layers below the skin from getting damaged or rough due to exfoliation.


Once the protected layer it’s formed then if we start scrubbing naturally it will give more glow to the skin after the removal of the dead particles the skin will glow more and look attractive to the people. The teenagers mostly preferred chemical methods over natural methods because the natural methods are the time taken process whereas the chemical methods performed in the parlors are not time taking processes. So there skiing it easily ruptured and Ralph by repeating this process, again and again, to look attractive.


After all, we can conclude by saying that everything has two sides as a coin. Both exfoliation and waxing are important, having a period between them to get the best output. but to get a quick result we all those people do chemical methods which can’t give the best output which is given by a natural method.

A simple difference we can find out from the whole thing is that waxing is a soft process that gives a layer to the body and exfoliation is a hard process that takes out a dead skin layer from the body. To get a better result in the case of exfoliation we should wait for 72 hours after waxing to get a clear layer of dead skin and by scrubbing we can easily remove it because the unwanted hairs are already removed.


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