How Long Did Job Suffer (And Why)?

How Long Did Job Suffer (And Why)?

Exact Answer: More than a week

Job suffered for around a week or more. There is no specific time period mentioned for how long Job suffered in the Bible. The suffering of Job began when his children died along with the servants. It became worse with the loss of his livestock.

Job went through physical and mental pain. In the Bible, there is no such time or date mentioned for when these afflictions happen. Some scripture tells that the damage and pain occur in one single day. Three of Job’s friends came to him when they got to hear about the suffering of Job.

There is no clarity about how these friends helped Job during his suffering. Job’s friends were silent for around 7 days after seeing Job’s situation. The three friends of Job took around 7 days to speak to him.

How Long Did Job Suffer

How Long Did Job Suffer?

Job’s Suffering How Long Did Job Suffer
Minimum time7 days
Maximum time7 days or more

There is no such specific time mentioned about how long Job spoke to his friend about his situation. God asked some questions to Job. God also reprimand the three friends of Job. After hearing the questions from God. Job answered in a very polite manner.

He regretted and repent while he is suffering. Job said he detests himself for his acts and actions. According to many scriptures, Job suffered for a few weeks, but there is no such specific time period. After God spoke to Job, then it was Job’s chance to speak to god.

God commanded Job’s friend to offer a sacrifice after which, Job’s friends departed. The last phase of suffering is Job praying to god. God restored Job when Job started praying for his friends. There is huge confusion about the suffering of Job.

According to some sayings, Job suffered for around 2 years while others say 42 months. The suffering of Job is not mentioned in any history books. The suffering of Job is written in writings as the facts are quite uncertain.

The length of all the events in Job’s suffering will have different time lengths. The severity of suffering of Job was quite high. The indication that Job’s suffering gives is that God has a purpose for everything. God always takes all the decisions for the glory and good of humans.

Therefore, no humans should remember the length of the suffering, but the severity of it.

Why Did Job Suffer For This Long?

Job’s suffering was very severe, and this made him express his anguish to God. In ancient times, people believe that God would protect his people from harm. When Job’s children died, Job thought God did not protect his children, but he didn’t question God about this.

Job said, he has uttered what he did not understand. Job knew that God didn’t protect him from losing his earthly possessions. It is also believed that God told that whatever Job said was right. Job did not think of anything above the value of God in his life.

For Job, the greatest suffering phase came when he felt that God has left him. Everyone can read all the sayings of Job as these are mentioned in the writings. From all the words, it can be easily concluded that Job was feeling extremely bad for getting separated from God.

Job did not ask the reason for his suffering. God never said the reasons to Job for his suffering phase. The length of the conversation between Job and God was unknown. The reason for Job’s suffering phase was also not known exactly with clarity.

Therefore, it’s difficult to say why Job suffered this long.


The suffering time period of Job depends on the length of each event. In the end, Job’s faith in God got restored. When Job offered to give sacrifices for his children to God. God asks Job’s friends to offer a sinful sacrifice for Job.

God denied accepting any sacrifice by Job for himself. Job realized that God is still listening to his prayer. The most vital lesson from his suffering is that Job got to see the presence of God.


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