How Long Does An Associate’s Degree Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 years

Associate degrees would ask for 60 college credits. The communities’ college would offer the associate degree program. The associate degree programs are shorter as compared to the bachelor’s degree program. There are many colleges that are offering online associate degrees.

The time length of the online associate degree classes would be different from the physical classes. The associate degree would be less expensive as compared to the bachelor’s degree. The associate degree would help people to get many job opportunities and a better career.

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How Long Does An Associate’s Degree Take?

Associate DegreeTime
In years2 years
In months24 months

The students should take the associate degree during their undergraduate level. Associate degrees are best for acquiring academic knowledge. Everyone willing to get technical knowledge should try to acquire an associate degree. Associate degrees are mainly available in the colleges of the United States.

There are many states that would offer the associate degree to the student. There are many countries that offer foundation degrees which is almost similar to associate degrees. Everyone can reach out to the technical, community, and junior colleges to know if they offer associate degree courses.

A full-time associate degree would not take more than 24 months. The associate degree would be a good start for having better knowledge about the bachelor’s degree. The length of the associate degree would depend on how long the person takes to get 60 college credits.

The part-time associate degree program would take more time as the class hours would be less in the part-time course structure. The enrolment requirement for the associate degree would not be very high as compared to the bachelor’s degree.

The students that are not eligible for the bachelor’s degree program should start their journey from the associate degree. The type of associate degree would affect its time length. The vocational skills of the student would develop to a huge extent after the associate degree.

Why Does An Associate Degree Take Last This Long?

There are many options in the associate degree that everyone can go for. The career of the person would depend on the type of subject and course they choose in the associate degree. People that want to become nuclear technicians, air traffic controllers, dental hygienists, and web developers can do an associate degree.

People can easily switch bachelor’s degrees from associate degrees. If someone chooses the university that accepts the course credits of the associate degree for the bachelor’s degree, then the person can enter the university very easily.

There would be many reasons for a person to enter the associate degree and this may affect the lasting time of the degree. People that want to start their professional career very fast can choose the associate degree, as it would be cost-effective and time-saving.

Someone who wants to do the bachelor’s degree, but doesn’t qualify for the same can-do associate degree. The associate degree would add credits that would help the person to enroll in a suitable university. The course structure of the associate degree is designed in a way to improve the skills of a person but in very little time.

Therefore, people may see the course structure of the associate degree to be very less complicated. Everyone should try to find out their interest field before jumping to the associate degree program. Then they can choose the subject available in the associate degree that would help them in their interest field.


The course length of the associate degree would depend on the type of university. The mode of the course could also make a huge impact on the time length. People should do proper research about the guidelines of the university to know the course structure and class hours’ requirements.

Some universities have a fixed number of class hours required for completing the associate degree. Most of the universities would complete the associate degree in 24 months or 2 years. If someone wants to complete the course faster, then they can search for the virtual classes of an associate degree.

The qualifications required for the associate degree may vary for all the universities. If someone wants to pay fewer tuition fees for achieving a well-known degree, then they should choose an associate degree.



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