How Long After Airing Are Shows On Hulu (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 1 day

Hulu is a video streaming website and platform which streams the most popular videos online. It has become popular in recent days and has satisfied its customers worldwide. It was started in 2007 and over these years it has grown a lot. In the United States of America, there are three most popular and mainly preferred video streaming platforms. Disney, ESPN, and Hulu are those three platforms.

Apart from these videos, these platforms even offer plus membership where the user can extract more benefits. It was initially launched as a joint membership program by some members. After some days, the company was taken over by Walt Disney.

How Long After Airing Are Shows On Hulu

How Long After Airing Are Shows On Hulu?

Minimum1 hour
Maximum1 day

Over these years, Hulu has made many advancements in the services thereby satisfying their customers. The platform was launched in 2007 when it was first released as a beta version where only a few trusted users who had provided their email id were allowed to enjoy the testing of the platform. After this successful launch, other users had the privilege to enjoy this website. The rolling out of the Plus membership in 2010 allowed its users to exclusively enjoy more videos on the platform.

This platform is similar to Netflix. Two types of platforms are available, the free version has only a few videos while the paid subscription one has more videos where users could enjoy more with more premium amount of content. The live TV feature was rolled down in 2017 thereby facilitating its customers. There were rumors heard in the past that the company would sell the website. However, later it was confident by the owners that no such decision had been taken so far.

The company connected to many popular platforms such as Disney, which helped it boost its growth Interestingly, the website derives its name from the Mandarin term for gourd, which means it would exclusively provide more exclusive content. After its integration with Disney, the initial contents of Hulu were even released on other platforms which helped it in making more significant advancements.


Generally, the shows on Hulu are available to members with a plus subscription within 1 day of being aired. However, this timeline increases to 7 days if the members don’t have a plus subscription. The name of the website was launched in 2007 and after proper schedule and testing, it was released in the public domain in 2008.

Why Are Shows Available So Long After Airing On Hulu?

Hulu provides all types of video content. The genre varies from drama to news and fashion. The key points included in the sports arena highlights are even provided in the live TV feature. Cartoons for kids and cooking shows are even aired regularly. However, there are two shareholders of the website, Walt Disney and NBC Universal. It completed depends on the member’s subscription status, which decided when he/she would receive the schedule of shows after the airing process.

Sometimes, the videos may not be available due to issues with the company striking the copyright. However, the website keeps in mind to keep its members engaged by compelled by updating its content regularly within a short time. Each day, you can find dozens of new content and videos being released and aired on Hulu. The shows which have been recorded earlier are aired within 1 day of being aired. However, the live shows are aired within 2 days.

The subscription status would provide an extra edge to its members by keeping them updated with the whereabouts of their favorite shows. However, after it collaborated with Disney, it even rolled out the feature for its customers to get the privilege of enjoying the paid subscription of both these sites with a minimal amount of money. Fresh and new content with more compelling features is released from time to time. Hence, one needs to stay tuned.


Pre-recorded videos are released earlier because they are hassle-free and they only need to be downloaded. However, the live videos need prior preparation due to which they need time to be released and updated. Due to its popularity among its members, it has even been nominated for various awards. Apart from this, it has even won the support and love of various customers.


The company was initially led by stakeholders. However, with time, their collaboration paved the path to their success. Due to this reason, they have established themselves as a company. Generally, two shows are released per day. However, in the past years, the company accumulated a lot of wealth and support. It has been successful in placing itself among the top 10 companies that could generate an annual income of about $10 million.

The company is still growing and expanding its base. Today, the company has about 46 million subscribers from various corners of the globe.


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