How Long After Airing Are Shows On 9Now (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within Three Hours

9Now is an online platform that provides on-demand online video services that can be accessed only through the OTT platform of 9Now. The service has millions of registered users, and it is trendy in all parts of the world. The company provides various services, such as in sports, theatre, music, drama, fashion, news, and many more.

The service was first released on the 27th of January, 2016. The services can be availed on the website as well as there is an app for the same. The services provided by the company run on all the operating systems, whether it be Windows, macOS, or Linux. The services are also provided in all genres, and most of the shows are available in the English language.

How Long After Airing Are Shows On 9Now

How Long After Airing Are Shows On 9Now?

The 9Now OTT platform has many shows on it, and different content related to various genres is also available on the platform. Highlights of various events such as Britain Got Talent and America Got Talent are also available on the 9Now platform. There are multiple shows that people can view. Various shows related to cooking, such as MasterChef or other reality shows, are also available on the platform. Weekly shows are also broadcasted on the platform. For kids, cartoons are telecasted to keep them interested.

All the material available on the platform can be viewed if the viewer has a subscription to the company. However, there are a few shows, movies, and plays unavailable because of copyright issues. But the company keeps on updating the site regularly and keeps on adding new features and fresh content for the audience’s viewership. Before 2016, the platform was famous with the name of 9Jumpin, but in 2016 the platform brought an up-gradation named 9Now, where multilingual shows and events taking place in other countries were also broadcasted.

Type Of ShowsTime After TV To Be Available On 9Now
Pre-recorded showsOne Hour
Live showsThree Hours

The time after which a show is available on the 9Now platform depends on the type of show. Pre-recorded shows are made available in around one hour, whereas live shows take some time to get uploaded but are available in three hours. However, certain subscriptions allow the viewers to watch live shows parallelly as they are happening.

Why Does It Take That Long For Shows After Airing To Come On 9Now?

The services are provided by the Nine Network situated in Australia, and these services first began on its website. Still, after gaining massive support from the audience, the company decided to make the content available on television and mobile platforms. In the beginning, not all the shows present on the website were broadcasted on television and mobile because the company thought this was an experiment and was afraid of suffering loss because of such an experiment.

9Now platform has won multiple awards at different award shows and is very popular with all the viewers. Actors working for the 9Now platform have won awards in the acting field for their roles, and various shows have also been nominated in Grammy awards and other award lists. Currently, 9Now is available in all the major countries of the world. It has also collaborated with other OTT platforms and production houses and is working to provide the best quality content at an affordable rate.


It takes that long for the program to be available on the 9Now OTT platform because it needs to upload it. Pre-recorded shows are uploaded earlier, and only the final step is left to be completed. However, live shows are recorded on-site, and it is not possible to upload them immediately. The company tries its best to upload the content as soon as possible to watch the catch-up at the earliest.


Finally, it can be concluded that 9Now is a platform where different types of content are broadcasted for viewers. 9Now is currently one of the leading OTT platforms in the world. The platform was first introduced in 2016, and the shows were available on the company’s website. But after getting a positive response from the audience, the content was also launched on television and mobile.

On average, it takes a maximum of three hours for a show to be available on 9Now after it airs on TV. Live shows take a bit longer to get uploaded than the other ones. The platform has gained massive viewership in the past few years, and its craze is increasing rapidly.


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