How Long After Airing BBC iPlayer (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 days

Available on devices such as smartphones, computers, television, gaming consoles, and tablets, the video-on-demand service BBC iPlayer, was first released on 25 December 2007. While this can be accessed by most, viewers from the UK are the only ones who can view all the content without any commercial advertisements.



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This UK-based service brings both old, new, and ongoing BBC programs online to viewers, through their online TV channels. In addition, you may also conveniently download these programs to watch later. Some of the most famous programs that are running right now include Time, EastEnders, The Great British Sewing Bee, Holby City, The Pact, Inside No.9, and many more.

How Long After Airing BBC iPlayer

How Long After Airing BBC iPlayer?

ProgramDuration for which program stays after airing
Most content30 days
Repeated contentAt least 60 days
Current affairs program, BBC Three programsAt least 365 days
News bulletins, Crimewatch Roadshow, some sports programsUp to 24 hours

BBC iPlayer has revealed that they try to make their programs available on the service for as long as they can. Many programs on the service have the ability to be downloaded on devices such as your personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone. In this case, too, you can view the download for as long as you could if you are streaming the program online. The availability of the program does not change with respect to whether the program is downloaded or streamed online directly.

Although BBC iPlayer aims to make the program available right after its broadcast, it does take a little bit of time to get it on the platform. This applies to programs that were live broadcasted or close to a live broadcast. In this case, instead of waiting to watch the program, you have the ability to rewind the particular TV channel for up to two hours, so you can watch it within that timeframe. Apart from that, some shows and programs may be unavailable to view on-demand or live.

A majority of the content on BBC iPlayer is available for viewing for up to 30 days after it is first broadcasted.

But this duration increases to up to 60 days if that program is repeated. Sometimes, there will be a bigger extension on the availability of the program, allowing you to view it for more than the usual duration.

Many current affairs programs like Panorama, HARDtalk, and Click, can be watched for 365 days (1 year) after it is first broadcasted. In addition, programs from BBC Three also have an availability of 365 days after they are initially aired.

Programs such as news bulletins, Crimewatch Roadwatch, and some sports programs, are only available to be viewed for 24 hours after they are first broadcasted.

Why Does It Take That Long To Air After BBC iPlayer?

There are several reasons why some programs have a longer availability than the rest. This may be due to processing time, legal reasons, editorial reasons, and obtaining rights to air the particular show on BBC iPlayer.

Depending on the content and whether the show is live broadcasted or not, the availability is set. Sometimes, BBC iPlayer would have obtained rights for airing the program for only a set period of time like 30 days after it is initially broadcasted.

Documentaries, dramas, comedy programs, and children’s programs are usually watched by many, and so have the ability to be available for a long time, usually longer than other types of programs.

When it comes to the time at which programs are available on BBC iPlayer, the duration depends on whether the program is live broadcasted, or pre-recorded. In the case of pre-recorded programs such as soaps, dramas, and documentaries, these shows are available immediately after their broadcast comes to end. Rarely, it may take more time for the service to process the program and get it on to the BBC iPlayer platform.

If the program was live broadcasted, or close to being live broadcasted, BBC iPlayer takes a little more time to process the programs. This is because these programs need to be converted into a suitable format in order to be uploaded and publicly distributed on BBC iPlayer. Usually, the availability time for programs that fall under this category, is up to four times the duration of the live programs. Examples of programs like these are Question Time, Mock the Week, and sports programs.


Thus it can be understood that content on the BBC iPlayer can be viewed for 30 days after its first broadcast. But this doesn’t ring true for all shows, as some shows can be viewed for more than 30 days after they are aired first.

There are other similar services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and more. But, BBC iPlayer is very convenient for UK-based users as they can use practically any device to watch programs without ads. They can choose to use their personal computers or desktops; or use a smart TV; or use gaming devices such as Wii, PlayStation, Xbox; or mobile phones with different software such as iOS, Android, Windows, and more.


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